Gravity Rex
Gravity rex.jpg
Gravity Rex

Tyrannosaur Type
Guylos Empire
Crew 1
Weight 82 tons tons
Depth 7.56 meters m
Height 18.36 meters m
Maximum Speed 250 km/h (155 mph)
Weapons Harpoon, claws, jaws
Equipment Gravity Wheel

This Zoid was intended to be Hasbro's 5th Gravity Zoid. However, the line was cancelled before it reached production. A single example has been seen at a convention while a known prototype is currently in the hands of a private collector.

In 2014, a single complete unbuilt Gravity Rex was posted to eBay. It sold for $1,025 U.S.D.

Following the auction, the seller confirmed that examples of Gravity Rex were sold at a Hasbro Warehouse Holiday Clearance event in 2005. It is estimated that only 12 to 24 were ever produced. There are two other known examples of the Gravity Rex, owned by the same seller.

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