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Gummie spreading a story about Marvis
Appearances Zoids: Fuzors
Debut Zoids: Fuzors Episode 1
Affiliation Peacekeeping Bureau
Age 45
Primary Zoids Gojulas Giga
Japanese Name Gummie
Voice Actors Kiyoyuki Yanada (Japanese)
Phil Hayes (English)

Gummie is a characters of the anime series Zoids: Fuzors. He is the chief of Blue City's Police Force, The Peacekeeping Bureau.


Though the chief of the PKB, Gummie often doesn't act the part. A big loud man, he tends to act more like a cowboy then anything else. He does enjoy his job but hates the paperwork and politics that comes with it, preferring action over words. He is friends with RD, and tends to let him off from minor matters (like speeding in his liger). A cop for most of his adult life, Gummie believes that the PKB is there for the good of the city. He has a very strong bond with his Gojulas Giga, which he sees as the pride of the PKB's arsenal.


Gummie has a western American accent of language, as well as a vicious dialect. He commands the PKB at all times, and is always on the lookout for the city.

Ability as a Zoid pilot[]

Gummie's usual outfit

Gummie only pilots a Gojulas Giga, which he claims that the Zoid is not just any machine but his best friend. He and his Zoid have a strong bond and he uses it as the PKB's "Big Stick", with its mere presence usually enough to scare down criminals.


Gummie has relationships with the following characters:

Gojulas Giga: As mentioned above, Gummie made a close bond with his Gojulas Giga, which he claims it as the "Big Stick" of the PKB with its mere presence to scare down criminals. Gummie is shown to get upset when his Zoid went haywire, which was caused by Alpha Richter.

RD: At the beginning, Gummie and RD got over a rough start, though RD recognizes Gummie as an authority figure. Though RD is a hot-shot type, Gummie knows RD is harmless, and usually lets him go unpunished.

Helmut: He and Helmut are in respective terms. Gummie tries to warn Helmut about the escaped Marvis. He also mentions to RD and company that Marvis is trying to seek Helmut for revenge.

Ciao and Deed: The two PKB officers are very loyal to Gummie.

Mach Storm: Apparently he is on good terms with Mach Storm.

Savage Hammer: Even though he never interact with Savage Hammer, he does have good and bad terms with the team.

Richter Scale: Gummie is hostile towards Alpha's group, especially when they replace all the PKB Zoids with Chimera Drones.

Vareth, Sabre, and Dart: He and Vareth's threesome met in a rough start, with Gummie being confused of their barbaric behavior, which is why he sent RD to talk to the trio.

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