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Gunther Prozen is the main Antagonist of Zoids Chaotic Century. He acts as an advisor to the Emperor.

Once the Emperor dies, Prozen attempts to assassinate the crowned prince Rudolph. His plans fail, but he manages to secure Rudolph's ring, and with it, lay claims that the price has died. Prozen, knowing Rudolph is alive, starts the rumour that there is an imposter claiming to be Rudolph. Without the ring, Rudolph is powerless to enforce his status as the prince.

Prozen then realises his goal, becoming the Emperor of Guylos. With this status, he also resurrects the death saurer that wiped out the Ancient Zoidian race. The Death Saurer is defeated, and for the most past, it is assumed Prozen is killed at this point. However, during Guardian Force, it is revealed that Prozen did in fact survive, being fused with the remnants of the Death Saurer's Zoid Core. Prozen is eventually consumed by the death saurer's core, and fused with the death stinger. From there he is defeated by Van, alongside the final death saurer.

Battle Story

Prozen also features in the Zoids battle story, his role is much the same as in Chaotic Century, however there are several differences between the Prozen in Battle Story and in the Anime.

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