The Hammer Kaiser is a rarely seen type of transport Zoid, comparable in size to the Whale King and capable of space Levitate. While being of a similar creature as the Hammerhead its structure hardly resembles the far smaller Zoid.


The Hammer Kaiser appears as a massive hammerhead shark type Zoid, capable of flight up to the stratosphere. Its full capabilities are unknkown but they are presumed similiar to that of a Whale King, when it first appeared it was briefly cloaked. It is large enough to carry the Death Stinger, thus likely several smaller Zoids.

Media AppearancesEdit

Currently the Hammer Kaiser has only appeared in two episodes of Guardian Force, it was used to transport the death stinger and allowed the Death Stinger to blast cities from orbit with its charged particle cannons. The Hammer Kaiser was destroyed by two modified Storm Sworders.

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