Hammer Rock
OJR Hammer Rock
EMZ-26, EZ-056 (1999)
Gorilla Type
Zenebas Empire
Crew 1
Weight 26.8 tons
Depth 5.6 m
Height 6.7 m
Maximum Speed 180 km/h
Weapons Hammer Knuckle (2)[1]

Guided Anti-Aircraft Missile (4)[2], Single Beam Gun [3], Vulcan Gun Pack [4]

Equipment Special Cockpit

The Hammer Rock (ハンマーロック) is a Gorilla-type of Zoid affiliated with the Zenebas Empire, and is one of over 200 species of bio-mechanical lifeforms that form the Zoid race depicted in TOMY's Zoids franchise.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Hammer Rock is a Gorilla-type Zoid created and used by the Zenebas Empire.

It was one of the early model Zoids. It is a miniaturized version of the Iron Kong, which specializes in independent special duties.

Media Appearances[edit | edit source]

Video Games[edit | edit source]

The Hammer Rock appears in the Zoids Saga series, usually as a grunt unit. In Zoids Legacy, the Hammer Rock is an early boss.

Trading Cards[edit | edit source]

The Hammer Rock was featured as part of the Empire Booster Packs for the Original Battle Card Game of Zoids Trading Cards.

Model[edit | edit source]

Zoids (1983)[edit | edit source]

The Hammer Rock was released in Japan as part of the Zoids (1983) line. It was introduced in 1986.

The Hammer Rock comes on four frames along with a small wind-up motor, a separate head piece, a clear canopy, two sprues of six rubber caps each, a small silver-chrome pilot and label sheets. The Hammer Rock is molded in maroon and silver with a red canopy. The head was shared with several other Imperial Zoids, including the Malder and Molga.

The Zoid uses a simple wind-up motor for its motion; once wound, the Zoid walks forwards at a reasonable pace. The Zoid's head, chest armor, shoulder and back weapons can all be manually positioned, and the canopy opened.

A gold-chromed Hammer Rock was released by Tomy as a contest prize. It is one of the sole official chromes from the 1983 line.

Spider-Man and Zoids[edit | edit source]

The kit was issued in Europe as part of the Spider-Man and Zoids line. It bore the name Zore. It is grey and black, with an orange canopy. It is part of the blue Zoid faction.

Zoids (1999)[edit | edit source]

It was issued as part of the Zoids (1999) line. The CP-26 could be attached to add to the Hammer Rock's offensive capabilities. Its colour scheme features a dark body and light arms.

Generations[edit | edit source]

DH Tobizaru & Eika

A heavily customized version was done by Dengeki Hobby Magazine accompanied by a customized Blade Hawk which it could also combine with. Named Tobizaru, the Zoid appeared in the Zoids: Generations storyline. A custom was made that features a new color scheme, shoulder-mounted weapons and the ability to wield a sword because of the customized hands.

Zoids Graphics[edit | edit source]

The original kit was re-issued as part of the new Zoids Graphics line.

References[edit | edit source]

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