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The Lightning Saix, Raynos, and Shadow Fox action figures.

In 2001 Hasbro began releasing small, poseable action figures alongside the buildable model kits. The action figures came already assembled and were significantly smaller than their counterparts. Each featured some sort of a spring-loaded action, usually in the form of a gun that shot something out.


Action figure vs model kit Raynos. Note the back-weapon.

Due to this, some,such as the Raynos action figure, were equipped with weapons that did not exist on the original model.

Hasbro Action FiguresEdit

First Wave (green packaging)Edit

Gunsniper LS mould

Box art with green packaging

Second Wave (silver packaging)Edit

Gun Sniper mould

Box art with silver packaging

  1. 007 Shield Liger
  2. 032 Sea Striker
  3. 015 Iron Kong
  4. 022 Death Saurer
  5. 034 Geno Breaker
  6. 041 Liger Zero HoloTech
  7. 046 Shadow Fox
  8. 049 Berserk Fury
  9. 054 Liger Zero X

Third Wave (Zi-Comm compatible)Edit

  1. 064 Gojulas Giga
  2. 065 Dimetrodon (purple)
  3. 110 Chimera Dragon
  4. 111 Fuzor Dragon
  5. 111 Battle Cougar
  6. 032 Sea Striker 2.0 (yellow, unreleased)
  7. 007 Shield Liger 2.0 (red, unreleased)

Electronic Zoids Action Figures (1/52 scale)Edit

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