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Between 2001 and 2004, Hasbro released a large number of 1/72-scale Zoids for markets in Australia, North America, South-East Asia, and the United Kingdom. These were motorised and snap-together plastic kits requiring assembly.

This article is about generic Hasbro-branded Zoids only, for non-generic Hasbro releases, see: Hasbro Action Figures, Hasbro Battle Champions, Z-Builders, or Holotech. This page does include Hasbro-branded Zoisd of the Zoids: Build Customize Mobilize and Zoids: Build Customize lines. Below are packages seen on generic Hasbro Zoids:
Dibison hasbro

A Hasbro Zoid with green packaging

Chameleor hasbro

A Hasbro Zoid with silver packaging

Hasbro ZoidsEdit

Hasbro-exclusive and variant ZoidsEdit

Hasbro-exclusive and variant Z-BUILDERS (BLOX)Edit

Unreleased Hasbro ZoidsEdit

(*) Zoids released in the Philippines.

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