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Helmut piloting his Command Wolf
Appearances Zoids: Fuzors
Debut Zoids: Fuzors Episode 1
Affiliation Mach Storm
Age 35[1]
Primary Zoids Command Wolf AC
Japanese Name マスクマン (Maskman)
Voice Actors Jouji Nakata (Japanese)
Brian Dobson (English)

Helmut[2] Titan (Maskman in the Japanese Version) is one of the characters in Zoids: Fuzors. He is one of the oldest members of Mach Storm.


Helmut is one of the oldest Zi-Fighters of Mach Storm, he was a member of the "original" Mach Storm along with Harris, Marvis, Haldo and Graheme. Helmut was a mentor to RD and Sigma and taught RD how to pilot a Zoid, and to this day can still beat him. He has a rather fatherly relationship with RD, and is his mentor to a degree.


Helmut appears to be a book-type person, and an excellent pilot, he does keep his eyes on his teammates, especially RD, Sigma, Dan, Sweet and Amy. And he wears a mask so that he never reveals his true image. And he is called by the surname "Titan" (only said in the English dub).

Ability as a Zoid Pilot[]

Helmut's usual outfit

Helmut pilots a Command Wolf AC, and has done such for his entire career. His Zoid has been slightly modified, and sports a Laser Claw upgrade amongst other systems. Also, after fusing with Sigma's Leostriker for the first time against the escaped Marvis, the Command Wolf AC had become pearl white instead of the standard sapphire blue color scheme.


Helmut has relationships to these following characters;

RD: RD does think about Helmut as his mentor, and, on the other hand, they are on friendly terms.

Sigma: Helmut and Sigma have good terms to each other as a friend. Helmut gets annoyed at Sigma's childish attitude once he starts to look down on RD.

Sweet: Apparently, Helmut is on good terms with Sweet and does see her as a friend.

Gummie: Helmut does see Gummie as an authority figure around Blue City and does warn him about the escaped Marvis.

Hop: Helmut oftenly listens to Hop if anything comes handy, and Hop even tells him to relieve RD's duties when he goofs off, and he tries to prevent him from facing Marvis in a street-fight Zoid battle.

Haldo: Helmut and Haldo never interacted around the half of the series, since Haldo first met Sigma, while in the half portion of the series he met with Helmut, RD along with Rebecca.

Sandra: Sandra puts the blame on Helmut about Graheme's death, which is why she becomes an antagonist in the first portion of the series, thanks to Burton, it was revealed that Marvis was the murderer.

Marvis: Initially, Helmut and Marvis appeared to be hostile at one another, for some reasons, he first killed Graheme and then wiped out a PKB officer, after three years, Marvis vows his revenge against Helmut.


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