Start Date 2003
End Date 2004
Includes Zoids From All
Regions All

Holotech is a manufacturing technique used to produce Zoids.


Holotech Zoids are moulded in plastic, and are partially transparent. The plastic may be tinted, so that it retains some colouring, while also being non-opaque.


Holotech Zoids are not related to any particular release, instead individual models have seen Holotech versions produced. Holotech Zoids have seen release in all major regions, as part of off-the-shelf Zoids sold alongside regular Hasbro and TOMY kits. Exclusive Holotech Zoids have been known to be made for contest prizes and event givaways. Limited Holotech Zoids have also been used as promotional items, such as a HMM Blade Liger being included with the Blu Ray release of Chaotic Century.


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