Hop is a supporting character from Zoids: Fuzors. He is a non-piloting member of Mach Storm.

Appearances Zoids: Fuzors
Debut Zoids: Fuzors Episode 1
Affiliation Mach Storm
Age 40
Primary Zoids None
Japanese Name Hop
Voice Actors Tetsuo Sakaguchi in the Japanese version
Russell Roberts in the English version.


Hop is something of a manager of Mach Storm, he is frequently seen shuffling papers, worrying about finances, and arranging jobs. He is frequently stressed out by the childish antics of RD and Sigma, especially when it comes to completing jobs. His actual role is unclear, but he is usually the one who assigns and accepts jobs, although his teammates (RD specifically) often ignore his advice anyway. He has a sister in Brown City.


He is rather serious and mature, perhaps overly so, as he frequently becomes over stressed and is almost paranoid about accepting any kind of risk whatsoever. He is not brash like Sigma or RD, but is also not overly quiet like Helmut. Simply put, he is rather ordinary, and has no remarkable personality traits, though he tends to get stressed out and give up alot.


Character hop

Hop's usual outfit

Like ever other character, Hop has his own unique relationships.

RD: Hop often gives RD advice or orders on how the youngster should behave or go about his jobs. RD rarely listens to him, which is often the cause of office tension. Despite this, as with everyone at Mach Storm, they are on friendly terms.

Sigma: Hop's attitudes to Sigma are almost the same as they are to RD, which causes no end of bickering between the two, as Sigma sees himself as higher than RD, while RD sees the reverse.

Sweet: Sweet is one of the few people who actually listen to Hop, and as she is not a pilot, she is also seen with him quite often. However, as with Hop, Sigma and RD have a tendency to ignore her advice as well.

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