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Hurricane Hawk.jpg
NBZ Hurricanehawk
Hawk Type
Beith Republic
Crew 1
Weight 25.0 tons
Depth 13.3 m
Height 7.2 m
Maximum Speed Air: Mach 3 (3705 km/h or 2302 mph)
Weapons Two-Barrel 30mm Machine Gun, Air-to-Air Missile (2), Bombardment Bomb (2), AZ Missile (4), Buster Claw (2), Bite Beak, Vertical Blade

The Hurricanehawk (ハリケンホーク, Harikenhōku) is a Hawk-type of Zoid, a race of biomechanical lifeforms from the fictional Zoids universe.


The Beith Republic maintains air superiority in its conflict with the Dinas Empire in no small part through the Hurricanehawk. Equipped with a canopy allowing a wide field of view, it is used mainly for reconaissance in force, but also mounts a number of missiles and bombs that allow it to attack aerial and ground targets with equal facility. The Hurricanehawk also carries a suite of infrared sensors allowing it to operate at night.

Combined with the Bravejaguar and Hardbear, it makes up part of the Bitegriffon.

Battle Story Appearances[]

Hurricanehawks relieved exhausted Beith forces during the Dinas invasion of their capital city. Once the Imperial Groundrago attack had been temporarily disrupted by the aerial bombardment, the Hurricanehawks merged with the Republic Bravejaguars and Hardbears to form Bitegriffons, which successfully drove off the first invasion.

The deployment of Dinas G2 Rexes overwhelmed the Beith forces, however, and many Hurricanehawks were destroyed as part of the massive Bitegriffon losses.

Media Appearances[]

Magazine Stories[]


ZGe Bright Hawk

A Hurricanehawk appears in the final issue of the Zoids: Generations storyline in Dengeki Hobby Magazine. Called Bright Hawk, it was customized and recolored, and can transform into a gigantic sword. It was intended to be Liger Zero Blue Souga's ultimate weapon. A custom model was made and shown but never produced.



The Hurricanehawk was initially released in April 2006 as part of the Neoblox line. It includes one small and one medium Neoblox and a gold-chrome Republic pilot. The Hurricanehawk was also released in July 2006 as part of Bitegriffon.

Three of Hurricanehawk's sprues were reused for Rapto Caesar.