Appearances Zoids: Wild
Debut Episode 1
Affiliation Freedom
Primary Zoids Grachiosaurus
Japanese Name Ikazuchi
Voice Actors Takuya Kirimoto (Japanese)

Ikazuchi is a fictional character from Zoids: Wild. He is Arashi's father.


Zoids Wild

Ikazuchi is a Zoid Hunter, and is shown to have left his village long before the events in the series. He partners with a Grachiosaurus, which he uses to save the village from a meteor. He writes a journal called the "Book of Adventures" that he passes along to a young Arashi.

While he features momentarily in flashback, he does not have a prominent appearance in the Anime until episode 45. Here it's revealed that he's an aloof man who loves Zoids. He shows no care in the struggles of Team Freedom, nor the overbearing presence of the Death Metal Empire. He also leaves the Great Ancient Treasure Z to Arashi.

During his travels, he lost track of time, not realising that he had left Arashi alone for 10 years.


Arashi's father appears in the manga in much the same way as in the Anime, however his name is given as "Tatsumaki". In the manga he saves the village from a fire by using his Zoid to spray water, rather than destroying a meteor.


Book of Adventures


Ikazuchi shows deep respect and understanding for Zoids. He serves as a mentor for other characters in the series to look up to.

Ability as a Zoid pilot

He is a very strong Zoid Hunter. He defends the village from a meteor, and has a strong bond with his Grachiosaurus. He can likewise use a Wild Blast without problem. His Zoid is powerful, and is easily fight one of the Four Heavenly Kings in single combat.



Ikazuchi has his own unique relationships with the following characters:

Arashi: Ikazuchi is a source of great inspiration to Arashi, and is the primary reason Arashi dedicates himself to finding the ultimate Zoid Partner.

Bacon: It is revealed in flashback, that Bacon met Ikazuchi in episode 2, and Bacon holds him in high regard.


  • While the majority of the Zoids Wild cast have names that relate to food, Ikazuchi does not. His name translates to "Thunder" in the anime, and "Tornado" in the manga.
  • His hair is a stylised "Z", referencing the Zoids logo. Arashi's hair is similar but smaller.
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