Jagd Fury
Saga2 Jagd Fury
The Jagd Fury, as it appears in Zoids: Legacy

Tyrannosaurus Type
Neo-Zenebas Empire
Crew 1
Weight 156.0 tons
Depth 22.7 m
Height m
Maximum Speed 290 km/h
Weapons Long Range Cannon, Charged Particle Cannon, Missile Pod, Strike Laser Claw (2)

The Jagd Fury is a CAS unit designed for the Berserk Fury which is specifically adapted to bombardment. It sports two large cannons, as well as multiple missile pods. However, it is slower than the standard Berserk Fury armor unit.

Release DetailsEdit

The Jagd Fury was never released as a model kit, though it was seen in Dengeki Hobby magazine in March, 2002.


The Jagd Fury appears in the Zoids Saga series, as an optional armor for the Berserk Fury. It did not play any noteworthy role in the game's plot.


Concept art of the Jagd Fury