Jake Ramon
Appearances Zoids: Wild ZERO
Debut Episode 18
Affiliation N/A, Republic
Primary Zoids Kuwaganos (borrowed)
Sonic Bird
Japanese Name ジェイク・ラモン
Voice Actors 興津和幸

Jake Ramon is a fictional character from Zoids: Wild ZERO.


Zoids Wild ZEROEdit

Jake is introduced in episode 18 as a civilian who yearns to fly. Jake initially uses parts of a Magnesser System to form a non-Zoid flying machine, but he becomes accidentally involved with a secret Republican base and ends up launching a new Zoid, the Kuwaganos.

He achieves his dream, even activating the Wild Blast of the Kuwaganos (without a pilot suit).

He's not seen again until episode 26, where it's revealed that he's now joined the Republic and is a test pilot. Specifically, he's in charge of the Sonic Bird.

Jake's role becomes increasingly important up till episode 30, where his Zoid is chosen to carry the anti-Charged Particle Cannon device, the "Deflector". His Zoid has the speed, manoeuvrability and precision to deliver the weapon in a critical fight against the Omega Rex.


Ability as a Zoid pilotEdit

Jake proves to be adept at piloting flying Zoids.



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