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Overview of the Jentala Ruins with Oscar's Pteras and Dr. Toros's car


Old Pictures from the Zoid Academy

The Jentala Ruins was a notable past plot motivator in Zoids: New Century. Only seen and mentioned in episode 15 of New Century, it was the site of the bitter rivalry between Dr. Toros and Dr. Laon because they had the same love interest. Laon asked Toros to write a love letter to the girl, but Toros thought that he couldn't write a well enough letter. He asked Oscar to write the letter for him, Oscar accepted but accidentally signed the letter as Steve Toros instead of Laon. Thus Dr. Laon became angry at Toros and vowed he would get vengance. This site was also noted by Oscar as an old meeting place for the three of them and other students at the Zoid Academy. As old pictures from their Academy days are hung up on the wall of the abandoned building. Later on in the episode, after Dr. Laon challenges the Blitz Team(and kidnapping Leena) he arrives at the ruins and fires a few shots destroying the ruins. The abandoned building catches fire with all the old pictures up in smoke, a picture of the old trio burns to ashes, symbolizing the end of their friendship. Dr. Laon states to Dr. Toros: "Don't you think its fitting that we should have our final combat at the site where it all started."

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