Lance is a character in the PlayStation 2 video game Zoids Infinity Fuzors. He is the main protagonist.

Lance's image in Zoids Infinity Fuzors
Appearances Zoids Infinity series
Debut Zoids Infinity Fuzors
Affiliation Himself
Primary Zoids Lightning Saix
Liger Zero
Brastle Tiger
Infinity Leo
Japanese Name ランス (Lance)
Voice Actors Takayuki Yamaguchi


Lance is a legendary Zi-Fighter, and the illegitimate brother of Arrow; it is said that Arrow has always looked up to him. The two were seperated back in the day of their childhood. And in the forty-second part of the game's story, they fought each other for the title of the greatest Zi-pilot.


Like his long-lost brother Arrow, Lance is shown having same personality. He is a well-respected Zi-Fighter and carrys a strong sense of justice. On the other hand, he can't stand the likes of some of the game's antagonists (e.g., Lamia, Ogre, or Sukudo), whom he fought in the story. Sometimes, he bursts his anticipation when it comes to Zoid battles he encounters.

Ability as a Zoid pilotEdit

Being the hero of the story, Lance is a high-potential Zoid pilot, in first to fourth parts of the game, he is seen piloting a Lightning Saix, though he pilots other Zoids as well (e.g., Command Wolf, Gojulas, Brastle Tiger, or Blade Liger). Through the half part of the story, he also pilots a Liger Zero, and used CAS units CP-17 Schneider, and CP-21 Panzer units.

But once he defeated Arrow in the forty-second part of the plot, he would later pilot the Infinity Leo, which will be unlockable if the story mode is completed.


Like all characters; Lance has his own relationships;

Arrow: As mentioned above, Arrow is his illegitimate brother. In the forty-second part of the story, they fought each other for who would become the greatest Zi-Fighter to be respected. It appears Arrow is looking up to his brother.

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