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Leo Conrad
Leo Conrad new infobox img.jpg
Screenshot from Zoids Wild ZERO
Appearances Zoids: Wild ZERO
Debut Episode 1
Affiliation Transporter

Republic Forces (temp)

Age 2nd Generation[1]
Primary Zoids Beast Liger (defunct)

Rising Liger

Japanese Name レオ・コンラッド
Reo Konraddo
Voice Actors 野上 翔

Leo Conrad is a fictional character from Zoids: Wild ZERO. He is the main protagonist of the series.


Zoids Wild ZERO[]

Leo is introduced in episode 1. During a confrontation with the Empire, his Zoid Factor is awakened by exposure to Sally Land's pendant. His Zoid evolves to become the Beast Liger.

After his encounter with Sally, he travels with her and his partner Buzz in search of her grandfather Walter Borman, and later to look for Regeneration Cubes.

Being couriers Leo and Buzz are technically neutral to the ongoing conflict with the Empire and the Republic. None the less, they are dragged into several battles. Early on this cumulates to an assault of the Genospino against the Republic. In this battle, his Zoid further evolves into the Rising Liger, which he retains for the rest of the series. Leo is ultimately able to defeat the Genospino, and becomes a Republican hero in the process (although he refuses official severance).

Sides flip later in the series, when the Empire is attacked by the Omega Rex, where Leo again sorties to defeat the Zoid.

Leo becomes a trusted ally of both the Empire and the Republic. His Zoid Factor allows him to interface with the Regeneration Cubes, and he becomes instrumental in the race to save the planet against the destructive wishes of Frank Land and later, Electora Gate.

Leo's Zoid Factor also allows him to remotely interface with the Zero Grizis. A terrible power that threatens all life on the planet. Leo eventually stands up to the Zoid, defeating it and activating the final regeneration network, saving the planet in the process.

Leo Conrad Anime Front

Leo Conrad Anime Back


Leo Conrad is a hot-headed, young man with the adventurous sense of carefree and enjoyment. He spends more time in training with Beast Liger/Rising Liger. Although, his ground-based Zoid is useless against aerial-based Zoids like Sniptera piloted by Christopher Giller. Despite his defeat fewer times, he made himself strong with the rest of many adventures/misadventures. After besting off many imperial soldiers, Leo begins to have a new romantic relationship with Sally Land. With the support Buzz Cunningham and his friends, Leo Conrad remained hopeful and valiant. He never gives up during wars and adventures.


Leo Anime Concept Sheet

  • Zoid Pilot: Self-taught, developed from daily use with Liger as transportation and partner.

Leo's proves to be a very capable pilot. After undergoing his transformation, Leo's body is extremely tough, so much so that he doesn't need a special suit to activate a Wild Blast. His Zoid is also very strong. The base liger possesses good manoeuvrability, and the Beast Liger good melee weapons. The Rising Liger adds to this by also having inbuilt guns and ranged weapons. With optional parts, the Liger can be an extremely powerful asset, as it's capable of using the Gravity Cannon.

Leo and his Zoid prove to be a decisive factor in many confrontations.


  • Liger (Beast/Rising): Leo's Zoid and partner.
  • Professor Joshua Conrad: Leo's father and a notable archeologist.
  • Sally Land- Her friend, protector and guide.
  • Buzz Cunningham: Transportation Business Partner and trusted friend.
  • Jo Aysel: Republic Forces Archeologist soldier and later Leo's friend. She is also a big fan of Joshua Conrad, who research inspired to become an archeologist.
  • Baan Blood: A fellow Zoid pilot, ex-Empire soldier and friend that Leo's group sometimes meet during their travels. Baan is unofficial member of Leo's group because of this and both adventurer lifestyles.
  • Dias: A fellow Zoid pilot and friend who is a top Republic Forces soldier. Leo inspired Dias to ride a Liger-type Zoid after Dias's Triceradogos Kai was killed by Genospino.

Leo's Multi-purpose Equipment Arms


  • Leo's body is changed substantially in episode 1, and has a metal hand and heart. This proves advantageous on several occasions making hims resistant to weapons like tasers. Unlike his predecessor Frank Land, Leo's Zoid element infused body parts are balanced within his body, without physical or mental side effects.