General Lezard Char is a character in the Zoids Saga and Zoids VS series. Sometimes misspelled Lezarl.

Lezard Char
Zoids BL Lezarl
Lezard Char
Appearances Zoids VS
Zoids: Legacy
Debut Zoids VS
Affiliation Formerly Helic Republic
Terra Geist (Current)
Primary Zoids Gojulas
Gojulas Giga
Japanese Name レザール・シャル (Lezarl Char)
Voice Actors Daiki Nakamura (Japanese)
Steve Areno (English)


Lezard Char was a high ranking officer of the Helic Republic. He soon joins the Terra Geist organization during his debut in Zoids VS, and acts as an antagonist for the rest of his career. Using his knowledge of the Republic, Lezard proves himself to be an important member of the Terra Geist. Albane Nimbus is his fiercest rival.


Lezard is shown to have a deep allegiance to the Republic and the Zenebas Empire, due to this, he uses the knowledge of the Republic to manipulate the feud between Blue Unicorn and Rottiger. One could say the Lezard is the main catalyst for the rift of hatred between Helic and Guylos.

Ability as a Zoid pilot Edit

Lezard shows an exeptional ability to pilot flying Zoids. His main Zoid is a Salamander. On the other hand, he is seen piloting a Gojulas, and a Gojulas Giga by Legacy. In other words, the Giga disobeyed him and he loans it to Albane. By Zoids VS II (Battle Legends), Reika puts him in charge of piloting the Seismosaurus. As seen in all mission modes.


Lezard, like all characters, formed his own relationships. On the other hand, he is mostly disliked by all of the protagonists.

Albane: Lezard and Albane are immediately rivals--Albane can't stand Lezard of using his grasp about the Republic for his own personal glory, which also resulted to cause a feud between Blue Unicorn and Rottiger. Throughout the game, the two battle a number of times, with Albane being the victor thanks to the help of Max Rubin.

Gard: Lezard is shown to have a mutual allegiance and respect towards Gard.

Reika: While the two don't interact to much, Reika immediately puts Lezard in command of the Seismosaurus which later made for his personal use.

Zoids Legacy Database EntryEdit

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"Used to be an excellent warrior of the Zenebas Empire but was forced to leave because of a plot against him. Now a Terra Geist member. As a spy, he succeeds to obtain important secrets of the Republic."
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