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Liger Zero Falcon
A CGI Rendering of the Liger Zero Falcon
Lion/Falcon Type
Helic Republic
Crew 2
Weight 108.0 tons
Depth 23.4 m
Height 8.9 m
Maximum Speed 560 km/h, Mach 4.0
Weapons Laser Fangs, Buster Claws (2), Zan Smasher Claws (2), Strike Laser Claws (2), AZ 208 mm Double-Barrelled Shock Cannon, AZ 165 mm Linear Beam Cannon (2), AZ 108 mm High-Density Beam Gun
Equipment Blox-CAS, Downforce Stabilizers (2), Magneeser Jet Wing (2), Tail Stabilizers (2)

Like the Fire Phoenix, the Jet Falcon is a stand-alone airborne Zoid that can combine with the Liger Zero. Its Buster Claws give the Liger even greater melee weapons that it would otherwise have, and, as the Jet Falcon is a more advanced Zoid, resulting Fuzor is faster than the Liger Zero Phoenix. It also wields significant firepower, as the Buster Claws serve not only as blades, but also as guns and drills, thus making the Liger Zero Falcon a very useful Zoid.

Release Details

The Fuzors line saw the Liger Zero and Jet Falcon released together in anime-consistent colors. In addition to this, both Zoids saw individual releases at other times.

Battle Story

The Liger Zero Falcon is used by Republican hero Ray Gregg in a battle against Wolff Muroa's Energy Liger. The Liger Zero comes out victorious, and is used to siphon off excess energy from the Energy Liger to prevent a catastrophic explosion.


After the death of the Fire Phoenix, the Jet Falcon would be found by Mach Storm. It would prove to be a Fuzor partner to the Liger Zero, and be almost unparalleled in sheer power. It was able to easily overwhelm the Gairyuki, and even preform feats like lifting up a Whale King. It was eventually revealed that the Liger Zero is the "Alpha Zoid", and as such, the Liger Zero Falcon proved to be able to defeat even the Seismosaurus with ease. In terms of combat, it used the Diving Laser Claw like the Zero Phoenix did, but unlike that Zoid, also used its Buster Claws as weapons (both as guns and as lances). Like the Phoenix, it was shown to sport an Energy Shield, though the design was different from its predecessor's.

Video games

In Zoids VS III, the Liger Zero Falcon is also available, which is capable of limited flight. In this game the Buster Claws serve yet another purpose; acting as magnessor wings while the Zoid is in flight. However, this prevents them from forward firing.

Liger Zero Falcon Mass Production

Mass Production Type

The Liger Zero Falcon Mass Production CAS, was illustrated by artist, Mercy Rabbit. This unit by Zoitec was meant to rival the  Berserk Fury MP made by Zi-Arms. A resin kit of this CAS was made and first sold as a convention exclusive in  2006. This kit did not change the flat Buster Claws to match the more curved claws in the illustration. Later, the Falcon Mass Production resin was exhibited at the summer Wonder Festival of 2007 where it stood alongside a garage kit featuring more accurate Buster Claws.       

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