Liger Zero Panzer
NJR Liger Zero Panzer
Liger TypeHelic Republic
Crew 1
Weight 145 tons
Depth 23.3 m
Height 9.7 m
Maximum Speed 285 km/h
Weapons Laser Fangs, Strike Laser Claws (4), AZ 208 mm Triple-Barreled Shock Cannon, AZ Two-Shot Missile Pods (4), AZ Three-Shot Grenade Launchers (4), AZ Two-Shot Micro-Homing Missile Pod (2), AZ Six-Shot Micro-Homing Missile Pod (5), AZ Three-Shot Micro Homing Missile Pod (2), Vulcan Pod (2), Hybrid Cannon (2) consisting of AZ 216 mm Railgun and AZ 108 mm Beam Gun
Equipment Changing Armour System (CAS), Multi-Blade Antenna (2), Objective Blade Sensor (2)

The third Liger Zero CAS Unit, the CP-21 'Panzer Unit' is designed for heavy assault and long-range bombardment. The armor reduces the Zoid's speed and agility, while increasing its overall level of protection and drastically increasing its fire-power. The unit sports two heavy cannons in addition to numerous concealed missile launchers, allowing it to engage both land and air targets.

Introduced in ZAC 2101, the Panzer proved to be the most effective of the Zero CAS units. The Zoid was employed against the swarms of Eisen Dragoon attack Zoids, using its missiles to decimate whole formations at once.

The CP-21 kit consists of seven frames. Two of the frames are common with the CP-20 model kit. The kit is molded in dull green and gray; additionally it has some painted details. The model was released in 2000, with production continuing until about 2003. It has not been reissued.

In Korea, the model was released in a package with a Liger Zero.

A chromed version was released by Leoshop of Taiwan.


The Zero Panzer was the last CAS to be introduced in the anime. Unlike its battle story counterpart, the anime version of the Panzer was depicted as being incredibly heavy, being almost immobile. It also overheated, and nearly shut down the Liger when used. As such, it was the least used armor.

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