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Liger Zero Phoenix
A CGI Rendering of the Liger Zero Phoenix
Lion/Phoenix Type
Helic Republic
Crew 2
Weight 106.0 tons
Depth 26.0 m
Height 9.4 m
Maximum Speed 340 km/h, Mach 2.3
Weapons Laser Fangs, Strike Laser Claws (4), AZ 208 mm Double-Barrelled Shock Cannon, Phoenix Cannon (2), Phoenix Ray (2), Charge Missile
Equipment Blox-CAS, Downforce Stabilizers (2), Magnesser Phoenix Wing
See also: Fire Phoenix

By combining the Fire Phoenix and the Liger Zero, the Liger Zero Phoenix (ライガーゼロフェニックス, Raigā Zero Fenikkusu) can be constructed. It has flight capabilities, and is therefore extremely agile. In addition, it retains the melee weapons found on the Liger Zero and the guns found on the Fire Phoenix, making the Zoid a versatile and reliable unit.

Release Details[]

The Zoid was released in 2003, with both units (the Fire Phoenix and Liger Zero) sporting a blue color scheme. Hasbro also released the Fire Phoenix in its Z-Builders line, and the Liger Zero Phoenix could be created, though Hasbro never made it as a set. The Zoid was later re-released with a red and yellow Fire Phoenix and a normal Liger Zero (in accordance with the anime) as part of the Fuzors line in 2004. It included an RD-based pilot figure.

Battle Story[]

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In Zoids: Fuzors, the Liger Zero Phoenix would be one of the first few Fuzors to be seen. Initially the Fire Phoenix was a wild Zoid, but was eventually turned into a reliable Fuzor partner to the Liger Zero. It never used its guns or its missiles, and was shown to sport an Energy Shield. The Liger Zero Phoenix was remarkably powerful, easily overwhelming even other Fuzor Zoids with its Diving Laser Claw attack. It was also incredibly durable, and was able to withstand a direct hit from a Charged Particle Cannon. However, the Fuzor was no longer optional because the Fire Phoenix was sacrificed when it performed a suicidal attack on Blake's Gairyuki.

Video Games[]

Liger Zero Phoenix is also unlockable through a special code, where, upon entering it, the player will be able to buy it from their shop in Battle Mode.