This is a list of chapters that appear in the Zoids: Chaotic Century Graphic Novel. This list follows the Viz Media English release. Even-numbered Volumes are printed with a red cover, and accompany an Imperial logo. Odd-numbered Volumes are blue, and paired with a republican logo.

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All Viz Media Chaotic Century Volumes

Zoids Chaotic Century chapter ListEdit

Volume 1Edit

  • The Young Man Of Planet Zi
  • The Young Man and the Black ZOID

Volume 2Edit

  • A Young Woman's Awakening - A ZOID'S Awakening
  • The Final Attack - A Father's Voice

Volume 3Edit

  • The Desert Cyclone
  • The Family Treasure

Volume 4Edit

  • Tears from the Heart
  • Life and Resurrection

Volume 5Edit

  • The Winds of the Port Town
  • To Everyone's Satisfaction

Volume 6Edit

  • Dragon of Slaughter
  • The Bonds of Trust

Volume 7Edit

  • A New Strength
  • The Hypersonic Guest

Volume 8Edit

  • The Laws of Rage
  • Battle at the Bottom of the Sea

Volume 9Edit

  • The Lady in the Vineyards
  • What Can Be Done, What Must Be Done

Volume 10Edit

  • The Town in the Castle Walls
  • The Demon Scorpion's Brutal Strike

Volume 11Edit

  • Berserker System
  • Full Speed Ahead

Volume 12Edit

  • Warrior Reborn
  • True Strength

Volume 13Edit

  • Mountain of the Sun
  • Deep Red and Deep Blue

Volume 14Edit

  • The Eve of Zoids
  • Crossing Destinies
  • Soul's Clenched Fist

Zoids Chaotic Century EXEdit

Zoids Chaotic Century EX is an unofficial continuation of the visual novel, written by the original author. It was produced between 2002 and 2006, containing 7 chapters and 2 side stories.

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