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This is a list of the episodes appearing in Zoids: Chaotic Century. For ease of navigation, Zoids: Guardian Force is used to refer to the 2nd half of the series.

Zoids Chaotic Century/Guardian Force Episode List[]

No. Screenshot Episode Title
01 Zoids Chaotic Century - 01 - Japanese.png The Boy from Planet Zi
While being chased by bandits a youn boy seeks refuge in some old ruins where he finds a small Zoids call Zeke and a mysterious girl called Fiona. While trying to escape the ruins Zeke revives an abandoned Shield Liger and helps Van and Fiona get away[1]
02 Zoids Chaotic Century - 02 - Japanese.png The Mysterious Fiona
Van returns to his village with Zeke, Fiona and his new Shield Liger, but when he arrives the bandits have attacked the village and kidnaped his sister. With the help of Zeke and the Shield Liger, Van must rescue his sister and defeat the bandits.[1]
03 Zoids Chaotic Century - 03 - Japanese.png Memory
Van, Zeke and Fiona come upon some ruins and are attacked by a Gordos who has been guarding the ruins for 50 years! They also meet Irvine who tries to steal Zeke. While in the ruins Fiona finds a reference to "Zoids Eve" which triggers a memory. [1]
04 Zoids Chaotic Century - 04 - Japanese.png The Protectors
Irvine joins Van and Fiona on their journey to find "Zoids Eve" but are hired by a village to protect them from bandits, the same bandits that were chasing Zeke when he found Zeke! [1]
05 Zoids Chaotic Century - 05 - Japanese.png Sleeper Trap
Van and his friends meet Moonbey who drives a Gustav carrying cargo across the desert. They are forced to flee when they are attacked by sleeper Guysak's and Van and Irvine must reluctantly join forces to defeat them. [2]
06 Zoids Chaotic Century - 06 - Japanese.png Jump! Zeke!
Captain Herman mistakenly arrests Van, Moonbey and Fiona for being Imperial spies. Zeke helps Van and Irvine escape and once again Van and Irvine must work together to escape Herman and his Ptera Strikers.[2]
07 Zoids Chaotic Century - 07 - Japanese.png The Battle of Red River
Moonbey and Fiona join the Republican army against the Imperial forces and set out to blow up the Red River bridge and Van join Captain Herman on the frontline against Major Schuboltz.[2]
08 Zoids Chaotic Century - 08 - Japanese.png The Road to the Republic
The search for "Zoids Eve" moves to the republic capital after Captain Herman mentions that there may be information there. On the way they are attacked by the Desert Alcobolino Gang at a small village.[2]
09 Zoids Chaotic Century - 09 - Japanese.png The Valley of the Monster
Van and his friends wanter into a mysterious valley where all of their Zoids including Zeke begin to act weirdly. The Zoids have been affected by a rarehertz, a strange pulse that has made Zeke insane![3]
10 Zoids Chaotic Century - 10 - Japanese.png The Mountain of Dreams
Van finds an old man in a hut frozen in ice while looking for the legendary Dr.D. It turns out the man in the ice is Dr.D and he knows about the "Zoids Eve" but will only tell Van if he helps him build a snow machine.[3]
11 Zoids Chaotic Century - 11 - Japanese.png The Fog at Iselina
To get to the capital Van and his friends must cross the misty mountains of Iselina. While staying at a village they are attacked by the Desert Alcobolino Gang led by Leola, who used to live in the same village they are attacking.[3]
12 Zoids Chaotic Century - 12 - Japanese.png The Black Organoid
Van and Zeke are wanted by the Republican Army after an entire battalion owas destroyed by a young boy called Raven and another organoid called Shadow. Van meets Raven and tries to stop him from destroying more Zoids.[3]
13 Zoids Chaotic Century - 13 - Japanese.png The Battle of Cronos
The Imperial Force attacks Fort Cronos but they are trapped by the Republican Army. The Fort, along with half the Imperial Force, is blown up. During the attack Van challenges Raven to another battle.[4]
14 Zoids Chaotic Century - 14 - Japanese.png Wake Up! Zeke!
Van and Moonbay travel into a volcano crater in search of Zoids Magnite to help heal Zeke after Van's loss to Raven. Irvine re-equips his Command Wolf and challenges Raven to a battle.[4]
15 Zoids Chaotic Century - 15 - Japanese.png Deploy the ZG!
Major Schobaltz attacks the Republican base, Mountossa, only to be forced back by Captain Herman in the unstoppable Gojulas[4]
16 Zoids Chaotic Century - 16 - Japanese.png New Helic City
Van and his friends arrive in New Helic City, capital of the Republic. During a victory parade Van helps an Imperial soldier escape a mob, only to haev the soldier attack the city in an experimental Command Wolf.[4]
17 Zoids Chaotic Century - 17 - Japanese.png The Longest Night of the Republic
Captain Herman goes missing while inspecting a suspicious iceberg - which is actually a disguised Imperial force attacking from the Sea instead of on land. During the attack Raven appears and challenges Van to a battle.[5]
18 Zoids Chaotic Century - 18 - Japanese.png The Defense of the City
Just as New Helic City is about the be overrun by the Imperial army, the Emperor dies and his nephew Rudolph demands a cease fire. Meanwhile Raven and Van continue the fight to the death![5]
19 Zoids Chaotic Century - 19 - Japanese.png Prozen's Conspiracy
Prozen plans to kidnap the new Emperor Rudolph and replace him on the throne but Rosso kindaps him first and escapes. Meanwhile Van and his friends continue to look for "Zoids Eve".[5]
20 Zoids Chaotic Century - 20 - Japanese.png The Resurrection Monster
Arriving at the Gurill ruins, Van and his friends are attacked by sleeper Rev Raptors placed there by Prozen, who has already removed the secrets from inside the buildings.[5]
21 Zoids Chaotic Century - 21 - Japanese.png The Charged Particle Gun
Rudolph meets Van and his friends when he wanders away from Rosso and Leola to find food. Unfortunately Prozen has sent Raven and his Geno Saurer to kidnap Rudolph. Rosso and Leola, in their Iron Kong, attack Raven so Rudolph can escape with the others.[6]
22 Zoids Chaotic Century - 22 - Japanese.png Farewell to a Friend
Rudolph asks Van to take him to the capital and on the way train him to be a warrior. Raven attacks Van and, during the fierce battle, the Geno Saurer critically hits the Shield Liger with it's charged particle gun.[6]
23 Zoids Chaotic Century - 23 - Japanese.png The Imperial Ring
With the Shield Liger seemingly destroyed, Van and Irvine must fight together to rescue Rudolph after he was taken by Raven and handed over to Mettlenich.[6]
24 Zoids Chaotic Century - 24 - Japanese.png A Voice from Afar
Fiona units with Zeke and they enter the Shield Liger causing a cocoon of light to surround the fallen beast. An evil bounty hunter looking for Rudolph appears and drugs Irvine, Moonbay and Rudolph while Van is away.[6]
25 Zoids Chaotic Century - 25 - Japanese.png The New liger
Using his paralysis drug, Stinger has captured Moonbay, Irvine and Rudolph and is planning to kill them. Van arrives with a Red Guysack that he captured but is defeated by Stinger is his Zaber Fang. Just then the cocoon around the Shield Liger breaks and the Blade Liger is born! [7]
26 Zoids Chaotic Century - 26 - Japanese.png Memories of Zi
Part of Fiona's memory comes back and realises she is an Ancient Zoidian but cannot tell Van yet. On their way to the capital Van and his friends are attacked by bounty hunters in Hel Digunners who are after Zeke.[7]
27 Zoids Chaotic Century - 27 - Japanese.png The Saviour
Upon entering a town Van and his friends find out Prozen has given orders to arrest Rudolph, telling everyone he is an imposter. Van, Irvine and Rudolph are captured but a familiar Imperial guard helps them escape.[7]
28 Zoids Chaotic Century - 28 - Japanese.png Run, Wolf!
Van and his friends stop at a deserted town and are mistaken for bandits who are stealing medicine from sick children. Irvine mobilises the Command Wolf with Van and the Blade Liger to steal back the medicine.[7]
29 Zoids Chaotic Century - 29 - Japanese.png Heroes of the Sky
Van and his friends come upon an Imperial Base which houses the Eisanback Black Redler unit. Believing that the Rudolph that is with Van is an imposter, they attack despite Major Schuboltz recognising him as the real Prince. Outnumbered they are saved by two mysterious Storm Sworders.[8]
30 Zoids Chaotic Century - 30 - Japanese.png Moonbay's Waltz
Van and his friends are saved from the Imperial Army by McMann, Moonbay's former lover. It appears Moonbay still has feelings for him too so Van, Irvine, Fiona and Zeke try to sneak away and leave her there, but she finds out.[8]
31 Zoids Chaotic Century - 31 - Japanese.png The Three Guards
Unable to capture the real Rudolph, Prozen sends for The Three Guards, an elite trio of warriors devoted to the Empire. They challenge Van and Irvine to a battle and quickly out-manoeuvre them.[8]
32 Zoids Chaotic Century - 32 - Japanese.png The Doom Machine
Van and his friends arrive at Guygalos and are taken to Prime Minister Homalap, one of Rudolph's allies against Prozen who has been doing research on Zoid cores. Van and Fiona investigate and the Death Saurer awakens as if it senses Fiona's presence.[8]
33 Zoids Chaotic Century - 33 - Japanese.png The Battle for Survival
Fleeing from Prozen and the Death Saurer, Van and Fiona in the Blade Liger are attacked by Raven in his Geno Saurer. The battle is vicious without any mercy and only one warrior will walk away! Meanwhile Rudolph is fighting to stop Prozen's coronation.[9]
34 Zoids Chaotic Century - 34 - Japanese.png Capital Ablaze
Prozen unleashes the Death Saurer, which quickly begins to destroy everything in it's path including the combined force of the Imperial and Republican army. It is up to Van to destroy the Death Saurer and save the world.[9]
Guardian Force
35 Zoids Chaotic Century - 35 - Japanese.png The Secret Mission
Two years have passed and Van has been training under Colonel Krueger as part of the Guardian Force. Fiona travels to the Wind Colony, Van's home, with Dr. D to investigate ruins in the area but are attacked by a Venomous Viper[9]
36 Zoids Chaotic Century - 36 - Japanese.png Sniper
While travelling Van comes across a Republic bomb disposal squad disguised as bandits. Van tracks them down with the help of Investigator Dorset, a master pilot of the Gun Sniper, but Dorset isn't as he seems...[9]
37 Zoids Chaotic Century - 37 - Japanese.png The Blue Devil
Van and Fiona investigate newly discovered ruins only to find everyone in the town gone. The townsfolk are being held captive by Rease and her organoid Spekula in their Double Sworder[10]
38 Zoids Chaotic Century - 38 - Japanese.png The Steel Bison
While investigating a mysterious Zoids, Van and Fiona meet Lieutenant Thomas Schobaltz in his Dibison who immediately takes command of the operation but causes more trouble than good.[10]
39 Zoids Chaotic Century - 39 - Japanese.png The Invisible Enemy
Thomas and Van investigate a group of bandits who are actually excavating ruins for a man called Hillz and his red organoid Ambient. While trying to stop them Van and Thomas are attacked by Stealth Kat's.[10]
40 Zoids Chaotic Century - 40 - Japanese.png The Zoids Hunters
Sleeper Zoids are being stolen and stripped of their Zoids cores aboard a Whale King. While on the Whale King, Van meets Irvine who quickly swaps sides to help Van capture the thieves.[10]
41 Zoids Chaotic Century - 41 - Japanese.png The Devil's Maze
Rease takes control of a bomb disposal plant to blow it up so Van and Thomas are sent to stop her. Unfortunately Rease has Thomas' brother, Karl, under her control and the two are forced to battle.[11]
42 Zoids Chaotic Century - 42 - Japanese.png Raven
News arrives that Republic and Imperial bases have been destroyed by Raven and Shadow whom were thought dead. Van confronts Raven as he is about to attack their base and a fierce battle erupts.[11]
43 Zoids Chaotic Century - 43 - Japanese.png The Emperor's Holiday
Rudolph and his fiancé, Mary-Anne, take a short break from their duties to visit Van, Fiona and Thomas but their holiday is interrupted by Stinger who is trying to kidnap Rudolph.[11]
44 Zoids Chaotic Century - 44 - Japanese.png Assault of the Mega Monster
Raven reappears with a Geno Saurer and Van and his friends are forced devise a plan to defeat Raven. But just as the Blade Liger is about to be destroyed the Geno Breaker retreats and begins its evolution.[11]
45 Zoids Chaotic Century - 45 - Japanese.png The Wings of Darkness
Two experimental Storm Sworders are stolen but thieves must return to the base to collect the combat data. Van and his friends are no match for the enemy until Rosso and Leola arrive to help out.[12]
46 Zoids Chaotic Century - 46 - Japanese.png The Devil of the Sea
Van and Fiona are invited by Dr.D to a remote island for vacation and an excavation. Van and the Blade liger are pulled into the ocean and are forced to battle Rease and a Hammerhead.[12]
47 Zoids Chaotic Century - 47 - Japanese.png A Monster Awakens
Raven is moved away from the Geno Saurer cocoon but it hatches and the Geno Breaker is born! Irvine attacks Raven and his new Geno Breaker but the Command Wolf is critically damaged[12]
48 Zoids Chaotic Century - 48 - Japanese.png The Black Lightning
Dr.D has developed a Zoids - The Lightning Saix, but no pilot is strong enough to withstand its high speeds. To save the Command Wolf, Irvine must transfer it's memory bank into the Lightning Saix.[12]
49 Zoids Chaotic Century - 49 - Japanese.png The Distant Stars
Van, Irvine and Thomas begin training for this next battle with Raven using a new formation. Before Raven can get to Van he is challenged by Rease in her Geno Saurer.[13]
50 Zoids Chaotic Century - 50 - Japanese.png Attack of the Geno Breaker
Raven attacks the base where Van and his friends are, together they try their new formation out but are quickly beaten. Van must face Raven alone but is pushed off a cliff during the battle.[13]
51 Zoids Chaotic Century - 51 - Japanese.png The Boy from the Ruins
After falling form the cliff Van stumbles into a cave near a village where a boy and his Atak Kat live. The village is attacked and Van must battle the enemy without the Blade Liger.[13]
52 Zoids Chaotic Century - 52 - Japanese.png Van's New Power
Van's becomes frustrated with Blade Liger's poor performance but realises that it's his skills have improved. To improve the Blade Liger, Van makes some modifictations.[13]
53 Zoids Chaotic Century - 53 - Japanese.png Phantom
Moonbay enters the Guylos Grand Prix using a modified Sinker. Meanwhile Van and Thomas are hunting The Phantom - an assassin who has been hired to kill Rudolph![14]
54 Zoids Chaotic Century - 54 - Japanese.png G-File
A meeting is held by the Guardian Force to discuss how to defeat Rease, Hillz and Raven once and for all.[14]
55 Zoids Chaotic Century - 55 - Japanese.png Supersonic Battle
Irvine is arrested and his Lightning Saix confiscated under suspicion of weapons smuggling. To get his Lightning Saix back and clear his name Irvine must battle the Storm Sworder![14]
56 Zoids Chaotic Century - 56 - Japanese.png Cerberus
Van and Thomas investigate the destruction of numerous Zoids after they are challenged to a battle by a mysterious group. Thomas is attacked and defeated and Van must battle a giant three headed Atack kat![14]
57 Zoids Chaotic Century - 57 - Japanese.png The Nightmare
Fiona begins to notice a feeling she hasn't had since the Death Saurer was awoke, Hillz, overseen by the mysterious Dark Kaiser, have created a new Zoids - The Death Saurer[14]
58 Zoids Chaotic Century - 58 - Japanese.png Attack of the Winged Dragons
With the Death Stinger awakened, Hillz loads it aboard the Hummer Kaiser - a huge hammerhead, and flies high above the Earth. Irvine and Thomas are sent to destroy it in specially modified Storm Sworders![15]
59 Zoids Chaotic Century - 59 - Japanese.png The Capital Collapses
While Van battles Rease, the Death Stinger surfaces in New Helic City and quickly destroys it. The Guardian Force retreat to a lake which holds the largest Zoids ever created - Ultrasaurus![15]
60 Zoids Chaotic Century - 60 - Japanese.png The Giant Fortress
Hillz begins to attack the Ultrasaurus before it is able to be awakened so Van, Irvine, Thomas, Karl and Rob are forced to hold off the Death Stinger.[15]
61 Zoids Chaotic Century - 61 - Japanese.png The Great Sea Battle
With the Ultrasaurus operationalit must now be equipped with a specially created Gravity Cannon on a secret island base. Hillz sends every Zoids he has to stop it.[15]
62 Zoids Chaotic Century - 62 - Japanese.png The Gravity Cannon
The Gravity Cannon needs one test shot to confirm that it works, but that would reveal it's position. Using a Hammerhead and Ptera Strikers, Van and friends must defend their position.[15]
63 Zoids Chaotic Century - 63 - Japanese.png The Final Battle
The Death Stinger continues to destroy everything in ti's path, it is up to Van, Irvine and Thomas to stop it long enough for the gravity cannon to launch it's attack. The Death Stinger destroys the first shot but the second is a direct hit![16]
64 Zoids Chaotic Century - 64 - Japanese.png The Ancient Memory
The Death Stinger, crushed by the massive force of the gravity cannon comes back to life and escapes underground but with most of it's weapons destroyed. Van and Irvine chase the Death Stinger and have it trapped when it mysteriously disapears.[16]
65 Zoids Chaotic Century - 65 - Japanese.png The Zoids Eve
Fiona reappears in front of the Dark Kaiser who is actually Prozen fused with the Zoids core of the Death Saurer! Prozen takes Fiona to Zoids Eve to reawaken her and begin the end of the world! The Death Stinger confronts the Blade Liger.[16]
66 Zoids Chaotic Century - 66 - Japanese.png The Moment of Annihilation
The Death Stinger is resurrected by Zoids Eve then fuses with the Zoids core that is part of Prozen. With both cores fused, creating the most powerful Zoids core ever, it is implanted into the Death Saurer.[16]
67 Zoids Chaotic Century - 67 - Japanese.png The Return of Another Tomorrow
The Ultimate Death Saurer has been resurrected and the combined armies of the Republic, Empire and Guardian Force fail to even slow it down. Van and Raven try and combined attack but fail instantly.[16]


  • ANN list of Zoids episodes (Note that many of these are translated from Japanese, and are thus incorrect when compared to the actual English titles.)
  • [1] ShoPro's official site for the series, called just "Zoids".