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List[edit | edit source]

No. Screenshot Episode Title Japanese airdate
01 Zoids New Century - 01 - Japanese.png Commence Battle - Attack Liger Zero January 06, 2001
Bit Cloud, scrap metal and Zoids parts dealer, interrupts an intense Zoids battle when he trips up a Shield Liger causing the team to lose. Filled with guilt he approaches the team to apologise only to meet the Liger Zero![1]
02 Zoids New Century - 02 - Japanese.png New Partners vs. Naomi the Red Comet January 13, 2001
In only his second team battle, Bit Cloud and Liger Zero must face Naomi Fluegel and her Gun Sniper, the undisputed champion of Individual Battle![1]
03 Zoids New Century - 03 - Japanese.png The Prince Arrives - Harry Champ January 20, 2001
Harry Champ, spoilt rich kid and admirer of Leena, challenges Bit and the rest of Team Blitz to a battle when he sees Bit and Leena together and thinks that Bit is after her.[1]
04 Zoids New Century - 04 - Japanese.png Unsanctioned Battle - The Mysterious Backdraft Group January 27, 2001
Leena and her Ptera Striker are kidnapped by Team Gold, members of the Backdraft Group. Bit and Jimmy are forced into battle despite Team Gold's foul attacks and cheating tactics.[1]
05 Zoids New Century - 05 - Japanese.png High Speed Battle - Transforming into Zero Jager February 03, 2001
Harry Champ hires mercenary Jack Cisco and his Lightning Saix to help defeat Team Blitz and prove to Leena that he is a great warrior. To match the Lightning Saix's speed, Bit must use the new Jager armour on his Liger Zero[2]
06 Zoids New Century - 06 - Japanese.png The Dark Giant - The Invincible Elephander February 10, 2001
Leena's Dibison is taken out of the battle against Team Viper with one shot by an enormous unknown Zoid, The Backdraft Group's Elephander.[2]
07 Zoids New Century - 07 - Japanese.png The Desert Gang - The Hovercargo's in Danger February 17, 2001
On the way back from shopping for a special type of Gun Sniper, Team Blitz are attacked by two remodelled Sinkers. In retaliation, the Sand Stingray gang goes looking for Team Blitz.
08 Zoids New Century - 08 - Japanese.png Invasion of the Fierce Tigers - Transform to Zero Schneider February 24, 2001
After ten straight defeats, the Tigers team suddenly start winning, but always in strange weather. They challenge Team Blitz to a rematch and bit must call upon all of his skills and the Schneider armour to defeat tem.[2]
09 Zoids New Century - 09 - Japanese.png The Princess Arrives - Mary Champ March 03, 2001
After losing all of his Zoids to the Backdraft group, Harry's sister Mary visits him tosee what he is spending all of his money on and to meet Leena. However, she sees the Liger Zero and immediately challenges Team Blitz to a battle for Bit's Liger. [3]
10 Zoids New Century - 10 - Japanese.png Desert Tusk - Assault of the Warsharks March 10, 2001
Upon entering Rank A Team Blitz attract the unwanted attention of Altile, a Commander in the Backdraft group. He wants the war sharks of the Fooma Team to crush the Team Blitz and find out if the Liger Zero is the Ultimate X![3]
11 Zoids New Century - 11 - Japanese.png The Sensational Three - Rematch with Jack Cisco March 17, 2001
Team Blitz draw a new team led by Jack Cisco and his Lightning Saix as their next opponent. Unfortunately for them, the team of Lightning Saix has them outmanoeuvred and outgunned right from the start.[3]
12 Zoids New Century - 12 - Japanese.png Zero is Stolen - The Fiery Battle March 24, 2001
Liger Zero is kidnapped by unmanned Zabats sent by the Backdraft group. While searching for the Liger, Bit is also kidnapped and taken to Altile's headwuarters. He is given the choice of fighting the Elephander again for 40 time the usual prize money or watching the Liger Zero be destroyed![3]
13 Zoids New Century - 13 - Japanese.png The Brave Wild Eagle - The Raynos Vs The Zabat March 31, 2001
The Zoids battle commission decide to exact revenge on the Backdraft group by setting a trap for them and sending in Team Blitz led by Jimmy and his Raynos.[4]
14 Zoids New Century - 14 - Japanese.png Frightday the 13th April 07, 2001
Leena answers a message in the monitor room from the "Saw Man" who tells her that he will come for her on Friday the 13th at midnight. It isn't until she hears of other Zoids being cut up by a deadly "Saw man" that she begins to panic![4]
15 Zoids New Century - 15 - Japanese.png Laon Returns - Anti-gravity Catastrophe April 14, 2001
Dr. Laon returns to challenge Dr. Toros with a new, more powerful weapon loaded into his Whale King. Team Blitz are quickly defeated and it is up to Dr. Toros, his Hover Cargo and the Liger Zero Schneider to defeat him before it's too late.[4]
16 Zoids New Century - 16 - Japanese.png The Red Rival - Leon Toros Returns April 21, 2001
Team Blitz are challenged to a battle bu the Fluegel team. Expecting another easy win they are surprised when a rare Red Blade Liger piloted by non other than Leon Toros appears next to Naomi's gun sniper and the battle quickly becomes the ultimate test of Zoids and Pilot skills.[4]
17 Zoids New Century - 17 - Japanese.png Warriors on Vacation - The Storm Sworders April 28, 2001
Laon joins the Backdraft group and challenges Team Blitz to a battle against his new team of Storm Sworders.[5]
18 Zoids New Century - 18 - Japanese.png Love on the Battlefield - My Love the Judge


May 05, 2001
The Champ team is about to enter the higher rank A however Benjamin is distracted by a judge he has fallen in love with. He will do anything to meet her-even if it means attacking a Zoids Federation Ultrasaurus![5]
19 Zoids New Century - 19 - Japanese.png The Third Conversion - Zero Panzer's Debut May 12, 2001
The newly modified Elephander's first battle since leaving the Backdraft group is against Team Blitz, who may have to use the untested Liger Zero Panzer armour to defeat the more powerful Elephander.[5]
20 Zoids New Century - 20 - Japanese.png The Shadow Fox - Brad's Betrayal May 19, 2001
During their last battle with Laon, Brad noticed a strange Zoids running wild in the forest and has returned to find it. It is the Shadow Foxm created by Laon. In exchange for the Fox, Laon asks Brad to battle Team Blitz.[5]
21 Zoids New Century - 21 - Japanese.png Harry's Disaster - Dr. Laon Traps Toros May 26, 2001
Laon has developed a new War Shark to battle against Team Blitz but they refuse to fight Laon kidnaps Harry, thinking that he and Leena are together, and Team Blitz are forced to confront Laon and the New War Sharks![5]
22 Zoids New Century - 22 - Japanese.png The Dragon Under the Sea - In Search of the Ultimate X June 02, 2001
Commander Altile is ordered by the Backdraft group to excavate a legendary Ultimate X buried under the sea. Unfortunately Team Blitz and Harry Champ are holidaying on a nearby beach![7]
23 Zoids New Century - 23 - Japanese.png The Dragon Awakens - The Berserk Fury Enters the Fray June 09, 2001
Althrough not yet fully modified, the recently discovered Ultimate X is sent into an existing battle between Team Blitz and the Lightning team and quickly displays it's awesome power.[7]
24 Zoids New Century - 24 - Japanese.png The Tournament of Heroes - The Royal Cup June 16, 2001
Every four years, on an enormous battlefield, the best teams come together to battle it out for The Royal Cup. Who will win this year?[7]
25 Zoids New Century - 25 - Japanese.png Survival - The Mystery of the Ultimate X June 23, 2001
With the Royal Cup well under way and a number of teams already defeated, it has come down to the few remaining teams including Team Blitz, the Fluegel Team, and the Berserk Fury.[7]
26 Zoids New Century - 26 - Japanese.png The Miracle of Zero - The Wind, The Cloud, and Adventure June 30, 2001
Only three warriors remain, Brad and the Shadow Fox, Bit and the Liger Zero, and Vega and the Berserk Fury. The Berserk Fury quickly knocks Brad out of the competition leaving only the Liger Zero. The Battle of the Ultimate X begins![7]

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