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This is a list of computer and video games based on the Zoids franchise. Games are listed in order of their initial release.


Image Name Release Date Platform Series
Zoids: The Battle Begins 1985/1986 Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64, MSX, ZX Spectrum 48k
Zoids 1986 Alternative Software.png
Zoids (Alternative Software) 1986 Commodore C64
Zoids: Battle of the Central Continent 1987-09-05 (NES), 1987-11-25 (MSX) MSX2, NES Battle of the Central Continent
Zoids 2: The Counterattack of Zenebas 1989-01-27 NES Battle of the Central Continent
Zoids: Legend 1990-15-06 Game Boy
Zoids: Apocalypse 1990-12-21 NES, Wii
Evil God Revived! ~Geno Breaker's Story~ 2000-08-04 Game Boy Color
Zoids: Empire VS Republic ~Genes of Mecha Organisms~ 2000-11-22 PS1 Republic VS Empire
Liger Zero: Mythical Silver Beast 2001-05-15 Game Boy Color
Zoids Battle Card Game ~Western Continent War Record~ 2001-06-26 PS1 trading cards
Zoids Saga 2001-11-30 Game Boy Color Zoids Saga
Zoids Gear 2001 stand alone (Zoids Gear)
Zoids 2: Helic Republic VS Guylos Empire 2002-02-21 PS1 Republic VS Empire
Zoids VS 2002-09-06 Gamecube Zoids VS.
Battle Blox 2003-03-13 stand alone (Battle Blox)
Cyber Drive Zoids ~Soldier of Machine Beasts Hugh~ 2003-06-18 Game Boy Advance
Zoids: Battle Legends/Zoids VS.II 2003-09-05 Gamecube Zoids VS.
Zoids Legacy/Zoids Saga II 2003-04-18 Game Boy Advance Zoids Saga
Zoids Infinity 2004-06 Arcade Infinity
Zoids VS.III 2004-09-30 Gamecube Zoids VS.
Zoids Struggle 2004-11-18 PS2
Zoids Saga Fuzors 2004-12-16 Game Boy Advance Zoids Saga
Zoids Infinity 2005-02-17 PS2 Infinity
Zoids Infinity EX 2005-06 Arcade Infinity
Zoids Tactics 2005-08-11 PS2
Zoids: Full Metal Crash 2005-10-27 Gamecube
Zoids Saga DS ~legend of arcadia~ 2005-12-01 DS Zoids Saga
Zoids Card Colosseum 2005-11 Arcade trading cards
Zoids Infinity EX Neo 2006-03-30 Xbox 360 Infinity
Zoids Dash 2006-06-15 DS
Zoids Infinity EX PLUS 2006-06 Arcade Infinity
Zoids Online Wars 2006-11-07 PC
Zoids Battle Colosseum 2006-11-30 DS
Zoids Assault/Zoids Alternative 2007-10-18 Xbox 360
Zoids VS. i 2003-08-04 Mobile phone (i-mode) Zoids VS.
Zoids VS. EZ 2004-04 Mobile phone (EZweb) Zoids VS.
Zoids Tactics 2005-05 Mobile phone (i-mode)
Zoids Fuzors ~Diving Laser Claw~ 2005-01-13 Mobile phone (EZweb)
Zoids Saga Online 2006-03-01 Mobile phone (i-mode)
Material hunters.png
ZOIDS Material Hunters 2015-05-15 Mobile phone (Android, iOS)
Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 8.36.09 am.png
Zoids Field of Rebellion 2016 Mobile phone (Android, iOS)
Zoids Wild: King of Blast 2019-02-28 Nintendo Switch
Zoids Wild Battle Card Hunter 2019-01-24 Arcade
Zoids Wild: Blast Unleashed 2020-10-16 Nintendo Switch
Zoids Wild: Infinity Blast 2020 Nintendo Switch

Mobile Phone Zoids Games[]

Zoids VS. i[]

Zoids VS. i was released in Japan on the 4th of August, 2003. Based on the Zoids VS series, it can only be played on mobile phones with the Japanese i-mode browser. Zoids VS. EZ, released in April 2004, is similar to VS. i but designed for the EZweb mobile phone browser.

Zoids Fuzors ~Diving Laser Claw~[]

Zoids Fuzors ~Diving Laser Claw~ is a little-known shooting game released on the 13th of January 2005 for the EZweb.

Zoids Saga Online[]

Zoids Saga Online, another i-mode game, began on the 1st of March, 2006, and ran until the 31st of May 2012. It is loosely based on the Zoids Saga series but is constantly updated, and now even contains Zoids and characters from Zoids Generations and Zoids Rebirth Century.

Zoids: Bonds of Steel[]

Released in 2012, Bonds of Steel is a Japanese-only GREE game for use on smart phones.

Third Party Zoids Games[]

Super Robot Wars K[]

Several Zoids from Super Robot Wars K

Although not exclusively a Zoids game, Super Robot Wars K (for DS) is the first game in the Super Robot Wars series to feature Zoids in it. Super Robot Wars is a tactics game, which features mecha from many different media (usually anime, but also other media, such as video games and manga). In SRW K, the Zoids that appear are based off the Zoids Genesis Anime. The inclusion of Zoids into a SRW game is noteworthy, as the SRW franchise is owned by Bandai, one of Tomy's (the owner of Zoids) largest competitors.

The storyline of Super Robot Wars K is a crossover of several series, such as Gun X Sword, Gundam SEED, Gaiking and several others, as well as a number of "Banpresto Original" characters- a portion of the cast who exist only in the Super Robot Wars franchise. The sections relevant to Zoids, while being altered to accommodate for the other series, are largely kept close to the anime, and follows Ruuji as he fights against the Digald Forces. As such, in addition to including many Zoids, there are also many Zoids Genesis characters and places, from main ones, like the Digald capital, Jiin and the Bio Tyranno to relatively minor ones, like Tize and his Brastle Tiger, or Muteki-Dan's multi-colored Molgas.

In terms of gameplay, Super Robot Wars K is very similar to the Advance Wars or Fire Emblem franchises, using a grid-based system where the player controls units, moves them, selects attacks, etc. The player can also level up pilots and customise their machines, as well as choose from some of the branching story modes (such as choosing between following the pilots from Fafner or Jeeg). In terms of gameplay Zoids fit easily into the "Real Robot" mold, most Zoids possess excellent mobility and have efficient and easy to use attacks, but generally lack the durability and raw power of "Super Robot" style units like those in Mazinger Z or Gaiking. Zoids units are also burdened by poor terrain ratings. With the exception of the Rainbow Jerk no Zoids units can fly naturally and furthermore many Zoids have difficulty attacking aerial units. Zoids also force in Space forcing them to suffer stat penalties in space battles unless equipped with optional parts.

To date no crossover Super Robot Wars media has been released in the West. Certain games and anime series were released, using the Japanese name of Super Robot Taisen (possibly to avoid conflict with the TV show Robot Wars), but these have only featured Original Generations characters, or similarly, characters owned by Bandai-Namco Games (such as Xenosaga's KOS-MOS), and therefore do not contain any third-party content (such as Zoids).

Super Robot Gakuen[]

Super Robot Gakuen (Super Robot School) is a spin-off game that predominately features recycled animations from Super Robot Wars Judgement, W and K, including certain Zoids: Genesis units. While Gakuen has a large number of franchises in its roster, it features fewer units and animations from each franchise than the previous DS games did.

In terms of gameplay, Gakuen is not a typical Super Robot Wars game, and follows characters based in a fictional school, who duel their robots in a fashion similar to the Zoids Saga series. This game is not a grid-based tactics game, nor does it follow characters from any third-party series. The player buys robots by winning battles and then spending their coins in a lottery and uses them to assemble a team. Each unit takes up a certain amount of space on the team. The more powerful units, like the Genesic GaoGaiGar, or Bio Tyranno take up more space, while weaker ones, like the Bamburian or a Zaku, take up less. The units, as well as having standard stats, like ammo and energy, have a time stat, and the amount of time they take determines how fast and how many times they can act in a turn. The player, when not in battles, walks around the school where they either progress the plot through scripted event battles, or participate in minor battles with people in the school. As with all Super Robot Wars games featuring third-party content, this game has not been released outside of Japan.

Super Robot Wars Operation Extend[]

Van as he appears in SRW OE

For the PSP, Super Robot Wars Operation Extend features downloadable content, and makes use of 3D models (as opposed to 2D sprites usually seen in Super Robot Wars games). This game features characters, places and Zoids from the Zoids: Chaotic Century, Zoids: Genesis and Zoids: New Century timelines. The game is released over PSN, and has "episodic" chapters. The Chaotic Century timeline was introduced in the first chapter, and subsequent chapters have seen more Zoids introduced. The first chapter was released on the 17th of July 2013.

Phantasy Star Online 2[]

Takara TOMY announced that Zoids: Wild skins will appear in Phantasy Star Online 2