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Appearances Zoids: Wild ZERO
Debut Zoids: Wild ZERO Episode 1
Affiliation Empire Forces
Primary Zoids Cannon Bull
Japanese Name Ryukku リュック役
Voice Actors Daisuke Kishio

Luc is a fictional character from Zoids: Wild ZERO and the squad leader of the Empire Forces.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Zoids Wild ZERO[edit | edit source]

Commander Luc appears in episode 1. He is chasing Sally Land as she flees from the Empire.

Luc spends most of the series following Sally Land, he appears intermittently closing in on the main party. He plays a relatively minor role until episode 22, where he manages to succeed in his task: he captures Sally Land.

This serves as a turning point of the series, as Sally allows Frank Land to stage a rebellion and activate the Omega Rex. With the Empire and Republic united against the Omega Rex, Luc ends up almost immediately on the side of the protagonists.


Personality[edit | edit source]

Ability as a Zoid pilot[edit | edit source]

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Luc's voice actor (Daisuke Kishio) is also the Japanese Voice Actor for Van Flyheight.
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