The Magnesser System is a fictional propulsion device featured on many Zoids.


Specific to Planet Zi, this device interacts with the "magnetic wind" of the planet, allowing for a unique propulsion system. Used primarily for flight, the system is equipped to almost all winged flying Zoids, and is how they generate their lift. Unlike real planes, which fly by moving airfoils at high speed to create lift, Magnesser wings work by interacting with the magnet field of Zi to achieve the same flight principles. Although the technology is fundamentally different, the two systems are almost perfectly analogous. Airplanes have their flying height restricted by diminishing air pressure at higher altitudes, Zoid flight is limited by weakening magnetic fields. The biggest difference between the two is the physical size of the systems. Zoids like the Salamander and Pteras have large gaps in their wings, making them unsuitable for regular flight. The Magnesser System does not have this space limitation, and this is what allows the skeletal frames of these flying Zoids. When the Magnesser System is activated, it produces a visible glow, usually a pale yellow color.

Pteras gatling

The yellow glow is the magnesser system

Aside from flying Zoids, land-based Zoids can also have the system to provide speed and stability. The Marder, Iguan, and Gator are examples of such Zoids. When these Zoids travel at speed, the Magnesser System is used to reduce their effective weight, sometimes allowing them to hover slightly. The Magnesser System is also used in Blox Zoids, to achieve their mid-air separation, in this situation each component is fitted with its own Magnesser System.

The Magnesser System is often confused with the similarly-named Magnezers, which are drills used by the Madthunder and Tiga Godos.

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