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Following the completion og [[Zoids: Wild]], an new anime [[Zoids: Wild ZERO]] is set to begin airing on the 4th of October in Japan.
Following the completion of [[Zoids: Wild]], an new anime [[Zoids: Wild ZERO]] is set to begin airing on the 4th of October in Japan.
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Welcome to the Zoids Wiki! This the ultimate English Zoids database, and is expanding all the time! You too can easily become part of this Zoids community. As of May 30, 2020 at 05:59 we have gained 11,072 pages with 985 articles, 65,153 edits and 5,815 files since December 14, 2007.

Please Note: Spoilers (regarding the anime, battle story, manga, etc.) are found on almost every page, with no warning as to where they begin and end.

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Zoids: Wild ZERO


Following the completion of Zoids: Wild, an new anime Zoids: Wild ZERO is set to begin airing on the 4th of October in Japan.

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Zoids Twitter - official Zoids Twitter feed (Japanese)

The official Zoids site - Takara Tomy web site.
Kotobukiya - The official Kotobukiya site for Zoids models (Japanese)
Japanese Zoids Wikipedia entry - The Japanese Zoids Wikipedia page(s)
Discord server dedicated to Zoids - Zoids Discord
Zoids Reddit - Zoids Subreddit
Generation Zi - Zoids Forum based RPG
Zoids AE - Zoids After Era forum
The Iron Bible - Fan site with comprehensive resources and translations'
Phenotype's Zoids Forum - Long standing Zoids forum
Zoids US - Ultimate online resource for Zoids.
Zoids: Infinite Era - A stat-based roleplaying forum that takes place on a planet known as Kainos.
Zoids Philippines - The home of the Filipino Zoider.
Lionel's site - A French collector's site covering a lot of material.
Zoikino - A Japanese site covering some great customs.
Zoids Card Gallery - A Zoids Card Gallery at
Zoids Wild Frontiers - A Zoids Roleplaying Game and Battle site set in a (fanon) Zoids future

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