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=== [[Project:About|{{SITENAME}}]] ===
Welcome to Zoids Wiki! Currently there is no official name yet, but if I continue to work on the wiki I will name it myself. Today I am making a pledge to help work on this wiki and to get people to help. Please check out the [[Project:About|About page]] for updates and disussions.
To write a new {{SITENAME}} article, enter the page title in the box below.
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=== Where to start ===
* WE NEED MORE HELP! If you know a Zoids fan on the internet, ask them to come and help. Anything is useful. We will be working with Zoids fansites throughout to push some articles. Luckily- there are already some to begin with.
* [[List of Zoids|List of Zoids]]. Many of the pages are incomplete- find your favorite Zoid and research, slowly completing the list.
* [[Zoids|Zoids]]. Mostly everything will branch off this page. Lets try to get one thing done at a time. Everything in red needs to have an article.
[ Free Domain Name Address]
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Antoni was here.

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