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Zoid of the Month: August

King Gojulas


King Gojulas

The King Gojulas is a Tyrannosaurus type Zoid designed by the Helic Republic to turn the tide in their war with the Guylos Empire. A massive Zoid with extreme Godzilla design influences like other Zoids in the Gojulas line, it boasted extremely thick armor and highly destructive rapid-fire weapons, as well as advanced sensors and sonic weaponry; the Super Sound Blaster was designed to amplify its roar to deadly volumes, rattling apart Zoids it couldn't reach to destroy in melee. In actual combat, it proved nigh-unstoppable, going down on record as the single strongest Zoid of its era.

In response, the Guylos Empire designed the Descat in order to stop the King Gojulas. But the two foes would never meet in combat, as a comet struck on of Zi's moons raining down meteors and destroying large numbers of Zoids and land.

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Zoid Pilot of the Month: August


Character hop


Hop is something of a manager of Mach Storm, he is frequently seen shuffling papers, worrying about finances, and arranging jobs. He is frequently stressed out by the childish antics of RD and Sigma, especially when it comes to completing jobs. His actual role is unclear, but he is usually the one who assigns and accepts jobs, although his teammates (RD specifically) often ignore his advice anyway. He has a sister in Brown City.

Rather ordinary and unremarkable he does care for his team and tries to offer them advice. Unfortunatly his advice goes unnoticed, adding unneeded stress to his already stressful job.

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