Mary Champ
Mary Champ
Appearances Zoids: New Century
Debut Zoids: New Century Episode 9
Affiliation Champ Team
Primary Zoids Iron Kong
Japanese Name
Voice Actors Aikiko Hiramatsu (Japanese)
Lisa Ann Beley (English)


Mary Champ (also spelt Marie Champ) is a fictional character from Zoids: New Century. She is Harry Champ's older sister, and first appears in episode 9 when Harry looses all of his Zoids in a bet with the Backdraft. Instead of coming to give Harry additional funds and Zoids, she arrives and tries to convince Harry to return home and take up the family business instead, claiming that Zoid battles are too dangerous for him. While inspecting Leena (to see if she's good enough for Harry), she falls in love with the Liger Zero and challenges the Blitz Team for it. After the battle, she changes her mind, thinking them fun and "interesting", and therefore decides to let Harry continue piloting.


Mary is rather condescending, immediately taking a disliking to Leena, calling her "no good", despite both her and Dr.Steve Toros being present. She is also very impulsive, immediately trying to buy the Liger Zero from the Blitz Team, and doesn't take no as an answer.

Ability as a Zoid Pilot

Even according to Harry, Mary "doesn't know the first thing about fighting in a Zoid battle". This is further confirmed in the Saga series, where she has incredibly low statistics when she joins the party. Despite this, she has a huge personal wealth behind her and simply tries to buy the best Zoids and ammunition to overpower her opponents.


Harry Champ: Harry is easily intimidated by his older sister, and her appearance in episode 9 is the first time he's ever stood up to her.

Leena Toros: Mary disapproves of Leena, and has no qualms saying so, quickly angering her. While Bit and Harry generally agree that Mary's is a nice sister, Leena's appraisal is not so generous.


An SRDX figurine was produced of Mary, under the name Marie Champ.

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"Harry's older sister. A daughter of a rich man, and collecting Zoids is her hobby. After falling in love with Bit's Liger Zero, she challenges Bit in Zoids battles."
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