Mechabonica Logo.
Start Date 1981
End Date 1981
Includes Zoids From N/A
Regions Japan

Mechabonica (メカボニカ) was the precursor to the Zoids line and was a set of 3 plastic wind-up toy model kits designed and produced by Japanese toy company TOMY.


Each model was designed in 1/72 scale and had features that would activate once the kit was wound up, such as walking or flapping wings. The kits were called Mechatoros, Mechaphantos and Mechagiras, and all had characteristics that would later become trademarks of the Zoids line, such as small chromed pilots in their heads, rubber caps holding them together, and action features.


The set went on sale in 1981 but was withdrawn almost straight away due to poor sales.

After the failure of the Mechabonica line in Japan, TOMY re-released all 3 Mechabonica kits under the new name "Zoids" in North America in 1983, and were far more successful than their Mechabonica counterparts.

Mechabonica was also released in South America rebranded again as "Starzeta". These kits were molded in different colors as compared to the originals.


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