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Chameleon[1] Type
Helic Republic
Crew 2
Weight 20.0[1] tons
Depth 10.0[1] m
Height 3.6[1] m
Maximum Speed 80 km/h [1]
Weapons Twin Energy Gun, Pulse Laser Gun (2)
Equipment Arm Catcher, Perspective Scope (2), Infrared Scope (2), 3D Radar (2), Optical Camouflage

The Megaleon (メガレオン) (RZ-058) is a type of Zoid, a race of mechanical lifeforms from the fictional Zoids universe.


The Megaleon was produced to act as a kind of specialized turret. Along with a pair of powerful beam cannons AA, it had an advanced sensor array, making it a fairly capable Zoid for its size. Defensively, it sports an optical camouflage system to increase its longevity.

Battle Story Appearances[]

This article is a subset of the Battle Story timeline. For an overview of Battle Story, please see the main article: Battle Story. For a summary of events in Battle Story, see: The Zoids File

In the Battle Story, the Megaleon was designed to serve as a homeland defence Zoid for the Helic Republic. As such, when the Eisen Dragoons attacked the central continent in December of ZAC 2101, this was one of the Zoids that was used to try and halt their invasion. However, the situation was dire and the Zoid was vastly outnumbered, so it only played a minor role in the overall conflict.


Zoids (1999)[]

The Megaleon was released as part of the Zoids (1999) line. It was introduced in February of 2002[citation needed]. The Zoid comes with three pilot figures, two normal ones, and one that fits into Megaleon's tongue[citation needed]. The tongue itself, along with several other parts, is composed of a translucent orange plastic. Megaleon's tongue does not fully retract into its mouth, but  it can be stored on the Zoid's belly when not in use. It shares a sprue with Glaive Quama.

Zoids: Build Customize[]

The Megaleon was released as part of the Zoids: Build Customize line, it bore the name Chameleor[2].