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OJR Megatropos
Triceratops Type
Helic Republic
Crew 1-3
Weight 10 tons
Depth 7.7 m
Height 3.8 m
Maximum Speed 150 km/h
Weapons Gatling Gun[1], 2-barrel Heavy Gun[2], 2-Barrel Rapid-Fire Gun[3]

The Megatopros (メガプロス) is a Triceratops-type of Zoid, a race of biomechanical lifeforms from the fictional Zoids universe. It is part of the 1/24 scale Zoids line, being one of the few standard Zoids model kits to not be 1/72.


Driven into the central mountain range by the first Death Saurers, the Republic was forced to adopt guerrilla warfare tactics. The Megatopros was their heavy hitter in areas normal Zoids feared tread, teaming up with the high-speed but lightweight Battlerover and the amphibious Neptune to make up the new armored force. The Magatropos adopted transparent "bullet proof" armor to makeup for the little space to move in the narrow mountains.

Sandspeeda equipped to the Megatopros.

Looking a bit like a Triceratops crossed with a tank or other assault vehicles, the Megatopros lived up to its appearance, having powerful rapid-fire weaponry for its size and sporting more than enough armor and aggression to back it up. It often carried more than one crew member, especially when combined with the vehicle type Sandspeeda. All Megatopros crew wore light-brown anti-laser uniforms with anti-glare eye visors and protectors, and normally carried machineguns.

Battle Story Appearances[]

Megatopros and some foot soldiers take out a Wardick

While the old Helic Republic capital fell to Emperor Zenebas' hand in ZAC 2043 thanks to Death Saurer's attacks, the army escaped via a tunnel operation to the central mountain range. Undaunted, Zenebas ordered pursuit, and the fighting became a game of cat and mouse in such narrow terrain that both sides had to adapt with smaller, more mobile Zoids.

In 2045, the Central Continent started facing a new situation. The Death Saurer battalion had advanced into the mountain range, and the Redler and Deathpion special corps were scrambled. The Redlers picked up something on radar: the Megatopros forces encountering the Deathpion corps. From there, the Megatopros served as the head of the eponymous Megatopros Force, presumably being the main go-to mecha for Republic forces trapped places too small for conventional Zoids. The Zoids only real competition was the later Gorem.


24-Scale Zoids[]

The Megatopros is molded in silver, black, and clear bluepurple. It and its companion Sandspeeda have not been reissued by Toys Dream project, unlike the other Republican 1/24 Zoids. As the clear bluepurple plastic is brittle and the pilot(s) easily lost, complete unbroken examples are even rarer.

It runs on batteries, being the only 1/24 Republic Zoid to do so.

Related Zoids[]

The Battlerover and Neptune fought alongside the Megatopros. The Sandspeeda could "dock" with it, in a way, reflecting that the two models can combine. This wasn't a fusion so much as the Sandspeeda pilot hanging on gunner-style, however.

Deathpion and Gorem were the main obsticles in the way of success for the Megatropos force and proved difficult to deal with.


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