Meta Data
Appearances Zoids: Wild
Debut Episode 1
Affiliation Death Metal
Primary Zoids Raptor
Japanese Name Sodaasu
Voice Actors Yasuaki Takumi

Lee Tockar

Meta Data (Soders in Japanese) is a fictional character from Zoids: Wild.


Meta Data is an early antagonist of the Zoids: Wild series. His forces locate the Liger after it escaped from the Dark Metal Empire.


Meta Data's personality quirks involve him referring to things in terms of plays or acts.

Ability as a Zoid pilotEdit

Meta Data is a low-level Zoid pilot. For the most of the series, he is unable to use a Dark Blast, and as such is easily defeated by the protagonists Wild Blast. He uses tactics to some level of success early on, but is quickly relegated to being easily defeated (often for comedic effect). Even after gaining a Hacker Key in episode 43 his abilities do not improve, as he spends too long bickering with his other pilots and does not actually activate the Dark Blast before being defeated.


Meta Data has his own unique relationships with the following characters:

Drake: Meta Data is initially Drake's subordinate, and he shown to be fearful of not meeting Drake's orders.


  • In the Japanese version, Soders' name is not used in the first 2 episodes of the Anime. His name was first used on the Zoids anime twitter account.
  • In the Japanese version, his mannerisms are to use the word "death" as a verb frequently (e.g. I'll "death" you). And his expressions are greatly exaggerated for comedic effect, including high-pitch wails as he retreats.
  • Like many of the cast, Meta Data's name is related to IT.
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