Midori (Zoids)
Appearances Zoids: Generations
Debut Zoids: Generations
Age 13
Primary Zoids Liger Zero Souga
Japanese Name ミドリ
Voice Actors Hitomi Harada

Midori is the main female protagonist of Zoids: Generations



Midori is a cheerful teenage woman, who loves having fun with her friends during her free time. During dangerous times, she feels upset that Liger Souga was badly damaged. With the help of the better research her Zoid was newly repaired. She is determined to destroy the Bio-Zoids.

Ability as a Zoid PilotEdit

Midori is not physically able to pilot any Zoid aside from his Liger Zero Souga. Midori trained for the majority of the series, although she took advice from her pals early on. As such, her skills vary greatly from beginning to the end of the series.



  • Her seiyuu, Hitomi Harada, also played Asuka from Senran Kagura
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