Mirodo Village
Mirodo Village, as it first appears
Primary Series Zoids: Genesis
Debut Appearance Zoids: Genesis Episode 1
Significant Characters Ruuji
Secondary Appearance(s) Zoids: Genesis Episode 2, 3, 21, 50

Mirodo Village is a village in Zoids: Genesis. It is the hometown of Ruuji and is where the Murasame Liger was resurrected. Mirodo is a remote village by the sea. The people inside Mirodo live mostly by fishing in the ocean or gathering from the surrounding forests. Until Ruuji, no citizens had left the village in over a hundred years. This isolation also meant they had no need for currency, although they did posses some money for when travelling merchants came around. They worship a large, gleaming metal blade, which is housed in a shrine near their Generator. It is later removed when it is reunited by the newly-reawakened Murasame Liger.



Mirodo Village is the first location shown in the Zoids: Genesis anime series. Some significant events are as follows:

Episode 1Edit

  • The Murasame Liger is salvaged from the seafloor.
  • There is a Bio Raptor attack on the Village, which the Villager's Baratz and Beam Tortoise prove unable to stop.
  • The Murasame Liger revives itself and retrieves its Metal Zi blade from the Village's shrine, it proves able to defeat the Bio Raptors.
  • Ra Kan and Rei Mii arrive in the Sword Wolf and Lanstag respectively.

Episode 2Edit

  • Ra Kan and Rei Mii finish off the remaining Bio Raptors.
  • Zairin arrives, looking for the lost troops, under the guise of a merchant.
  • After attacking Ra Kan, Zairin starts a second attack on the Village, with some more troops and his Bio Megaraptor.

Episode 3Edit

  • Zairin accidentally destroys the Village's Generator, before being forced to retreat.
  • Ra Kan, Rei Mii and Ruuji set out to try and find a Generator mechanic.

Episode 21Edit

  • After initially failing to find a mechanic, Ruuij, Ra Kan, and Kotona return to the Village to tell them of a change of plans, that their objective must be to defeat Digald, lest other villages suffer the same fate.
  • The Villagers agree, and, given the worsening state of the Generator-less environment, evacuate to the nearby town of Harahardo.

Episode 50Edit

  • The Village is (very) briefly seen to have made a full recovery, with the Murasame Liger (and its powerful regenerative Evolt system), housed within the now-operational Generator.
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