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Mt. Iselina
The fog-covered Mt. Iselina
Primary Series Zoids: Chaotic Century
Zoids: Guardian Force
Zoids: New Century Zero
Debut Appearance Zoids: Chaotic Century Episode 11
Significant Characters Viola
Secondary Appearance(s) Zoids: Guardian Force Episode 29
Zoids: New Century Zero Episode 20
Zoids VS

Mount Iselina is an ancient mountain of Planet Zi. It is rebound for its thick fog, which has caused many locals to construct a myth about there being a "fog monster" on the mountain.


Chaotic Century

Mt. Iselina is first shown in the Zoids: Chaotic Century anime series, primarily in episode 11. There is a remote village established on the Mountain. Major events are as follows:

Episode 11

  • Van and Co. try to traverse it as part of their journey, but Irvine and Fiona get separated from Moonbay and Van, after Van hallucinates about flying Papayas.
  • Van meets with Rosa, who invites him up to her village, a very remote village settled on the mountain.
  • Viola chases Van and tries to defeat him, but is defeated due to Rosa's actions.
  • Viola is revealed to be Rosa' sister, and is from Mt. Iselina herself.

Guardian Force

Episode 29

New Century

Episode 20

  • Brad sees a mysterious figure in the fog and decides to chase after it. He finds the Shadow Fox, Dr. Layon's ultimate creation.

Zoids VS

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