Zoids Neoblox
Neoblox logo.
Start Date 2006
End Date 2007
Includes Zoids From CBZ, LB
Regions Japan
Designation NBZ

Zoids Neoblox is a set of Zoids abbreviated as either NBZ or NB.


The Neoblox line was a successor to the original Blox-style play pattern. It replaced the small "socketed cube" design of the original Blox Zoids with larger, irregularly-shaped "Neoblox" using hinged ball joints. This allowed for more diverse construction and led to generally more stable models.

The Neoblox Zoids also differed from preceding lines in several other ways: they included an all-new pilot figure, chromed gold or silver in the style of the OJR Zoids, and they did not include sticker sheets.

The story of Neoblox is set in a far-future era on Zi. It revolves around the invasion of the Beith Republic by the forces of the Dinas Empire. Little of the story was revealed and to date there are few reliable translations of the material.


The Neoblox line was produced by TOMY and was released only in Asia. The line's first releases came in May 2006, but the line went into an apparent hiatus in December, with several planned and solicited models' release dates pushed back. It was finally confirmed as cancelled the following April. Ultimately, only six distinct models would be released, with all other NBZ releases made up of parts from the original six.



Republic Zoids:
Imperial Zoids:
Unreleased Zoids :

Limited/Special Edition ModelsEdit

  • Rapto Caesar (Rapto Kaiser) (World Hobby Fair 2007 exclusive, limited to 3000.)

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