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Omega Rex
ZW38-Omega Rex 5.jpg
Omega Rex
Tyrannosaurus Type
Imperial Army
Crew 1
Weight 161.4 tons
Depth 12.3 m
Height 6.5 m
Maximum Speed 165 m/h
Weapons Mandible
Crash Claw (2)
Kaiser Tail
A-Z Triple-Guided Missile (2)
A-Z Long Cannon (2)
Ground-to-Air Rapid-Fire Gun (2)
Charged Particle Cannon
Equipment Z-O Visor
Empire Carbon Armor
Particle Force Inhalation Fan
Convergence Shield (2)
IQ: 114

The Omega Rex (オメガレックス, Omega Rekkusu) is a Tyrannosaurus-Type Zoid, one of over 200 species of biomechanical lifeforms depicted by TOMY's Zoids model, toy, and media franchise. It is the evolution of the Death Rex.


The Omega Rex is a very large Zoid. Compared to other Zoids in the Zoids: Wild series, it is an XL-sized Zoid.

Equipment & Features[]

Z-O Visor
Z-O Visor (Z-Oバイザー)
Particle Force Inhalation Fan
Particle Force Inhalation Fan (粒子強制吸入ファン)
Mandible (大顎)
Empire Carbon Armor
Empire Carbon Armor (エンパイアカーボンアーマー)
Crash Claws
Crash Claws (クラッシュクロー)
Kaiser Tail
Kaiser Tail (カイザーテイル)
A-Z Triple-Guided Missile
A-Z Triple-Guided Missile (A-Z3連誘導ミサイル)
A-Z Long Cannon
A-Z Long Cannon (A-Zロングキャノン)
Ground-to-Air Rapid-Fire Gun
Ground-to-Air Rapid-Fire Gun (対地対空両用速射砲)
Convergence Shield
Convergence Shield (収束シールド)
Charged Particle Cannon
Charged Particle Cannon (荷電粒子砲)


The Omega Rex appears in Zoids: Wild ZERO.

It begins to take form in episode 22, where it is revealed that Frank Land is building the Zoid in secret. While Dr Land had been working under the Empire, his goal was the completion of this Zoid. As such, when the Empire learn of this, he betrays them.

The Empire and Republic stage a massed assault on the incomplete Omega Rex, and in episode 25 Dr Land is forced to launch it in an incomplete state.

In this form, the Zoid has no conventional weapons and must rely on its Machine Blast, the Charged Particle Cannon. It is only capable of firing the weapon once, but it proves devastatingly effective. Hannah Melville is put in as its pilot, but after seeing the devastation of the Charged Particle Cannon, she becomes reluctant to use it again.

Sally's pendant equipped as a generator. Giving the CPC limitless energy.

The Zoid retreats and undergoes repairs and maintained to bring it up to full operational capability. It is sortied in Episode 28, equipped with full weapons and able to fire its Charged Particle Cannon an unlimited number of times.

After engaging the Genospino in Episode 29, Hannah is sidelined as the Omega Rex's pilot.

Newly rejuvenated, Frank Land instead takes charge, and sends it into the Empire's capital. Unlike Hannah, he has no restraint using the Charged Particle Cannon. He initially uses the weapon to burrow through the ground, bypassing all defensive lines set up to engage him. He then fires the weapon in all directions rapidly, laying waste to everything inside.

The Genospino is hastily deployed, along with a new "Legendary Weapon". The Rising Liger equipped with a Gravity Cannon. Additionally, Dr Borman devises a device called a "Deflector", which can cut off the pendant unit's power supply.

The Sonic Bird is chosen to snipe the pendant unit, as it's only window for attack is immediately before the Cannon fires.

The Genospino is greatly damaged in this fight, but otherwise the protagonists are able to defeat the Omega Rex. The final blow being a Gravity Cannon shell dropping the Zoid into the ocean.

Frank Land and the pendant unit go missing, but the Omega Rex returns to the "True Empire", where it is slowly repaired.

It is completed in episode 40, where the "True Empire" use it to push back the Republic and Empire forces approaching their base.

This time Aldridge is the pilot. He's unable to use the Charged Particle Cannon, but the Zoid is still large enough to be a serious threat.

It takes the deployment of Leo Conrad equipped with special "Long Buster Cannons", and knowledge from Hannah (who's no longer with the True Empire) to stop the Zoid.

The Omega Rex then falls into the hands of the combined Republic and Empire.

Later Omega Rex was deployed alongside Genospino to fight Zero Grizis but they got defeated by the zoid perhaps they were also able to cause some amount of damage to Zero Grizis but he and Genospino were taken away into the zero gate . Later Omega Rex and Genospino were seen in episode 50 where they helped Rising liger to defeat Zero Grizis .

Size discrepancy[]

Like many Zoids that appear as major antagonists, the size of the Omega Rex in the anime is scaled up dramatically from it's model kit counterpart.

The official size of the Omega Rex compared to other Zoids in the series