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Oscar Hemeros
Oscar hemeros - new century.png
Appearances Zoids: New Century
Debut Episode 13: The Brave Wild Eagle - The Raynos Vs The Zabat
Affiliation None
Age N/A
Primary Zoids Pteras
Raynos (flashback)
Japanese Name オスカー・ヘメロス
Voice Actors Brian Drummond (English)
Yukimasa Kishino 岸野 幸正 (J)

Oscar[1] Hemeros is a character from Zoids: New Century. He is the father of Jamie.


A retired Zoid pilot, Oscar is Steve Toros' good friend. They grew up together with the ambition of entering the Zoid leagues, but Hemeros ends up becoming the catalyst of the bitter feud between Dr. Toros and Dr. Laon. Laon originally approached Toros to write the letter on his behalf in order to win the heart of Leena's mother. Rather than write the letter, Toros handed the task off to Oscar. Oscar, thinking the letter was supposed to be from Toros, rather than Laon, signed it accordingly, thus causing Leena's mother to fall in love with Toros, triggering Laon's quest for vengeance.


Not much is seen of Oscar, (in fact, he is initially believed to be dead thanks to a poor choice of words by Dr. Toros), but he appears to be quite laid back, spending at least some of his time fishing and piloting an old Pteras he considers to be a "work of art". In the days when he used to be a pilot, Oscar was renowned for his bravery and fierce spirit, and in the current days, he does appear to be somewhat boisterous, as a contrast to Jamie's timid nature.

Ability as a Zoid Pilot[]

Oscar in front of his Pteras on Episode 15

Oscar was one of the greatest aerial Zoid pilots during his day, earning his moniker "Wild Eagle" for his sheer mastery of aerial stunts and manoeuvres. However, one day, he lost control of his Raynos and crashed. After this, he never partook in Zoid battles again, though he is seen piloting a Pteras recreationally.


Jamie Hemeros: Oscar is shown to be extremely proud of his son, especially when he learns Jamie had become the second-generation Wild Eagle.

Steve Toros: Oscar is one of Dr. Toros' old friends from his school days, and are still on good terms in the present.

Dr. Laon: Though Oscar is the cause for Laon's grief, Laon himself does not know this. In the past, the two were friends and in the series' finale, Oscar is seen visiting him in hospital, so the two appear to still be on friendly terms.


  • Oscar shares an English Voice actor with Jack Cisco.


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