Palty is a character of the Game Boy game Liger Zero: Mythical Silver Beast. She is the female protagonist.

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Appearances Liger Zero: Mythical Silver Beast
Zoids Saga
Debut Liger Zero: Mythical Silver Beast
Affiliation Alster
Primary Zoids Salamander
Japanese Name パーティー (Palty)
Voice Actors None

Overview[edit | edit source]

Palty is a resident of the underground world, and immediately takes interest in the Liger Zero, as it looks to be the "Mythical Silver Beast" that will save them from problems like a rampaging Berserk Fury. She notices Alster after that, and they very quickly become friends. Palty, being an honest and cheerful sort, finds it quite amusing to kiss Alster at unexpected moments, and flat out tells him she followed him because she likes him at the game's end.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Palty is often like her grandfather, and she knows that the Liger Zero is hailed as a god, and she always follow Alster anywhere, given her noticable feelings fo him.

Ability as a Zoid pilot[edit | edit source]

Palty never piloted other Zoids but a Salamander, she acquired it before Alster also got hold of the Jager armor.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Palty has relationships to the following characters;

Palty kissing Alster. But Alster says: But girls have COOTIES!!!

Alster: The two met in a rocky start, as the people in her village hailed him and his Liger Zero. However, the two would later become friends. Alster is well aware that Palty has feelings for him, since she kisses Alster at unexpected moments.

Solid: She and Solid are in good terms.

Her grandfather: She and the village chief are in good terms for he told Palty the silver beast was a legend.

Bluejem: She and Bluejem are in friendly terms.

Zoids Legacy Database Entry[edit | edit source]

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"Heroine of Game boy's Liger Zero: Mythical Silver Beast. She followed Alster on his adventure."
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