Appearances Zoids: Wild
Debut Episode 5
Affiliation Freedom
Primary Zoids Scorpear
Japanese Name Penne
Voice Actors Mikako Komatsu (Japanese)

Penne is a fictional character from Zoids: Wild. She is the first member of Team Freedom outside of Arashi.


Zoids Wild

Arashi meets Penne in Episode 5, after the events in that episode, Penne joins Team Freedom. Penne importantly re-names the team to be "Freedom" and designs the logo. A substantial improvement over Arashi's attempts at a name/logo for the team the episode prior.

Penne has a sordid background. Her parents were killed when she was young by a group of bandits. This forced her to flee into an orphanage with her Scorpear. Being able to ride Zoids, she took up bounty hunting. She was quite successful, even capturing the Bandits that had attacked her parents. Eventually, she hears of the Death Metal Empire that were seeking the Wild Liger. She teams up with Arashi to gain his trust and planned to double-cross him for the reward.

She nearly succeeds, but gives up and instead double-crosses Foiegras, one of the Four Heavenly Kings of Death Metal. It's not until after turning on Death Metal, does the Scorpear bestow her with its Zoid Key.


Ability as a Zoid pilot

Penne is shown to be skilled in customization and maintenance of Zoids, but was initially unaware of the Wild Blast move used by Arashi.

In terms of combat, Penne is not a fighting expert. In a solo fair fight she is often outmuscled by larger Zoids. That being said, Penne's specialty is surprise "assassination" style attacks. Her Zoid's ability to stun opponents makes her very effective when performing combination attacks with other Zoids that have more direct firepower.


Penne has her own unique relationships with the following characters:

Arashi: Arashi and Penne immediately get along well.


  • Like most characters in Zoids Wild, Penne's name is based on food.
  • In episode 11, it is seen that the mask on her head is functional, and is a kind of gas mask/sensor array.
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Penne's Zoid Key


Penne as a child

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