Pingitrain as depicted in the Zoids Battle Card Game.

The Pingitrain (ピンギートレーン) is a Penguin-type of Zoid, and one of over 200 species of bio-mechanical lifeforms that form the Zoid race depicted in TOMYs Zoids Franchise.


Pingitrain is a large transport Zoid used by the Guylos Empire . It was originally seen as a concept art in the Smack! Zoids concept illustrations, and was later featured in one of the card games.

Although penguins are known to be creatures of arctic climates, the Pingitrain is notably recognized as a ground-based Zoid, with capabilities in traveling mountain terrain. Such a feat is not to be scoffed at, as the Pingitrain is such a massive transport that it's depicted carrying multiple large and extra large-class Zoids. During movement over difficult terrains, it often walks upright, but for long, flat areas, the Pingitrain moves using tank treads that are on the underbelly of its body. This mode of transportation is faster for the Zoid. The only downside to this large machine is that it is not depicted with any weapons.

Media AppearancesEdit

Pingitrain is seen in Volume 6 (Imperial Army Faction) of the Zoids Battle Card Game. It did not feature any statistics (in terms of height or weight) and did not feature an official registration number (although the card is B-006 in its set.)

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