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Power Mantis
P mantis.jpg
NAR Power Mantis
PZ-002 (BZ-102)
Mantis Type
Guylos Empire
Crew 1
Weight 22.6 tons
Depth 11.8 m
Height 8.28 m
Maximum Speed Air: Mach 3.5 (4322 km/h or 2685mph)
Weapons ?
Equipment ?

The Power Mantis is a type of Zoid, a race of mechanical lifeforms from the fictional Zoids universe.


The Power Mantis is part of a new line of Blox Zoids created for the Guylos Empire. Though its entirely new designation scheme hints at some revolutionary new aspect to the Power Mantis and its precursor, the Power Mammoth, so little is known about these Zoids that it is impossible to speculate as to what that might be.

Like all Blox, it can merge with other Zoids to form more powerful combinations.



The Power Mantis comes on six sprues in various kinds of grey, blue and purple, including a sprue of pins designed to look like standard medium-sized rubber caps. Unlike the Power Mammoth, Power Mantis also includes two actual red rubber caps. It comes with two Blox (silver Core and grey "sky", both original-style Imperial), a standard blue Imperial pilot and several rubber bands.

Power Mantis with a keyboard and Molga for scale

Although sold as a Z-Builders kit, most of the Power Mammoth is a single, non-modular assembly, with the Blox seemingly included solely to allow interaction with other Blox kits. Construction is quite complex, especially for its size. The final Zoid is non-motorized and somewhat articulated, but its main play feature is a gimmick driven by its rubber bands: when the Zoids body is pushed down, its rearmost legs allow it to "sag" somewhat while the head, thorax and forelimbs lunge forward to strike.

Power Mantis' box identifies it as BZ-102, a number shared with Cannon Spider; the stickers on the actual kit itself identify it as PZ-002.

Power Mammoth and Power Mantis are often referred to by fans as "Power Zoids" due to their names and PZ-00x designation numbers, although this terminology does not seem to have been explicitly used by Hasbro anywhere. (Hasbro referred to them in sales literature as "Deluxe Z-Builders".) Neither model made an actual appearance in the US, instead appearing almost exclusively through liquidation in the UK more than a year after their planned release. A third solicited "Power Zoid", Power Kong, was never released, and probably never proceeded beyond the prototype stage.

Power Mammoth has never received a Japanese release.