Power Zoids is a set of two Zoids, produced by TOMY.

Power Zoids
Power Zoids logo-low-res
Power Zoids logo
Start Date USA 1983/4 (aprox) UK/Eur 1984/5 (aprox)
End Date 1984/5
Includes Zoids From N/A
Regions Europe and North America


The two Zoids in the "Power Zoids" line were introduced circa 1984, and saw European and North American markets. They were not sold to Japan.


There were two known seperate releases for the Power Zoids. The first release was USA centric, with other parts of North American also included. Zoids released in this region had no name or faction and shared similar box art to the other American Zoids.

The second release was UK centric, with other parts of Europe included. There, the Zoids were named Tank and Serpent. They were also give factions based on the Zoids Comic.

Both Power Zoids were seen in a TOMY catalogue in 1984.


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