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Rapto Caesar
NBZ Rapto Caesar
No Designation
Unknown Type
Dinas Empire?
Crew 2
Weight ? tons
Depth ? m
Height ? m
Maximum Speed ? km/h (? mph)
Weapons Hybrid Vulcan Cannon?, Beam Launcher?
Equipment Unknown

The Rapto Caesar (ラプトカイザー, Raputo Kaizā) is a type of Zoid, a race of mechanical lifeforms from the fictional Zoids universe.


Rapto Caesar, (more accurately transliterated as Rapto Kaiser), is larger than standard-sized Neoblox Zoids, and apparently flight-capable. It possesses a number of ranged weapons as well as a set of enormous claws for close combat.

It is suggested that Rapto Caesar is a Zoid of the Dinas Empire. Although the Zoid's blue color scheme makes Rapto Caesar appear superficially similar to the Beith Republic Zoids, there are several other factors that mark it as Imperial. Most of the Zoid's parts come from Dinas Zoids, and it has multiple silver pilots seated in Dinas-style "escape pod" cockpits. Additionally, Rapto Caesar (Kaiser) ends with a word from the German language, like "Raptojaeger", "Stegoganzer", and "Brachiorakete"). "Caesar" and "Kaiser" also translate to "emperor", a common theme in Imperial Zoids.


Rapto Caesar was available exclusively at the 26th World Hobby Fair in 2007. Only 3000 were produced. The kit is made up of sprues from Raptojaguar, Stegoganzer, Hurricanehawk, and Harpers, as well as the Hybrid Vulcan Cannon sprue from the LB Dark Horn; however, it does not include all of the parts required to build any of the individual Zoids. It also includes two small, two medium and one large Neoblox and two silver-chrome Imperial pilots.

Rapto Caesar was the final release in the Neoblox line.