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NBZ Raptojaguar Stun Needle Custom
Velociraptor Type
Dinas Empire
Crew 1
Weight 24.0 tons
Depth 16.6 m
Height 10.4 m
Maximum Speed 200 km/h (124 mph)
Weapons Bite Fang, Strike Laser Claw (2), Multiple Launcher (2), Chase Claw (2), Smash Tail (1)
Equipment Multiple Antenna

The Raptojaguar (NBZ-04) (ラプトイエーガー, Raputoiegā) is a velociraptor-type of Zoid, and one of over 200 species of biomechanical lifeforms that form the Zoid race depicted in TOMY's Zoids Franchise.


The Raptojaguar (more accurately transliterated Raptojaeger) is a high-mobility fast-attack Zoid fielded by the Dinas Empire during its invasion of the Beith Republic. It is a dedicated anti-Zoid Zoid, able to close with targets rapidly and tear through their vital systems with its Chase Claws. Like all Dinas Zoids, it has a special cockpit that can detach and operate as an escape pod.

The "jaeger" portion of its name is German for "hunter".

The Raptojaguar can combine with Stegoganzer and Brachiorakete to form Groundrago, and it is also incorporated (with Stegoganzer and LB Gojulas) into the devastating G2 Rex. It can also make use of Spearwing to become the Raptojaguar Stun Needle Custom, more commonly called "Raptoslasher".

Battle Story Appearances[]

When the Dinas Empire's invading Groundragos were pinned down by Bitegriffons during their invasion of the Beith Republic, they were forced to separate into their components to provide more difficult targets. Despite Raptojaguars use of their powerful leaping ability to tear the Beith Zoids apart in midair, the attack stalled, and the Dinas units were recalled to their mobile fortress.



The Raptojaguar was released in April 2006 as one of the first kits for the Neoblox line. Two versions of the kit were released: one with the designation "NBZ-04", which was the Raptojaguar alone, and another called the "Raptojaguar Set", redesignated "NBZ-08", which came with both the Raptojaguar and the Spearwing. The boxart of their combined Stun Needle Custom form is shown above. Both sets include one small and one medium Neoblox, as well as a silver-chrome Imperial pilot.

The Raptojaguar was also released in July 2006 as part of Groundrago and in September as part of G2 Rex.

The majority of Raptojaguar's parts are included with Rapto Caesar.