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Ray Saurer
NAR Ray Saurer
Tyrannosaurus Type
Helic Republic
Crew 1
Weight 38.0 tons
Depth 12.3 m
Height 8.2 m
Maximum Speed 180 km/h (111 mph)
Weapons ?
Equipment ?

The Ray Saurer is a type of Zoid, a species of biomechanical life forms from the fictional Zoids Universe.


The Ray Saurer is a Helic Republic Blox Zoid. Virtually nothing is known about its capabilities. It shares a special Blox core with the Gorilla Tron and may therefore share its ability to absorb and store energy, including that from enemy weapons fire.

Like all Blox Zoids, it can merge with other Zoids to form more powerful combinations.



The Ray Saurer is built from three sprues (one blue, two grey) and several Blox: one large, translucent, electronic Blox (shared with Gorilla Tron), and four standard, original-style Blox. Three of these are black "land" Blox and one is a silver Core Blox. Like all Hasbro-original Republic Blox Zoids, the Blox are the Republic style but with red (Imperial) innards. It also includes one grey Republic pilot.

The Ray Saurer is not motorized, but its translucent torso contains flashing red LEDs.

On the side panels of the Ray Saurer's box, there are two combinations shown: in one, the Ray Saurer has a flight pack formed from Leoblaze and Nightwise parts; in the other, parts from the Ray Saurer itself are used to create a gun turret for Liger Zero. No names or instructions are included for either form.

Ray Saurer was initially released in North America in 2003. It was also released in Australia in 2004. It never received a Japanese release in any form.