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Rebecca is a fictional character from Zoids: Fuzors. She is the right-hand woman to Alpha Richter.

Rebecca as usually seen (left) and as seen when in disguise (right)
Appearances Zoids: Fuzors
Debut Zoids: Fuzors Episode 20
Affiliation Richter Scale
Primary Zoids Dimetroptera
Japanese Name Rebecca
Voice Actors Kae Araki in the Japanese version


Not much is known about Rebecca, except that she is very close to Alpha Richter. She serves by him even before he stages his coup. Her main role, other than assisting him publicly, is to sabotage the resistance group that attempts to stop his plans. She dons a disguise, transforms her Dimetroptera into its alternate form, and sneaks into the resistance. Here, she sabotages their Zoids and thus gives Alpha an enormous advantage when he eventually strikes, but is nonetheless defeated by the small number of Zoids who remain operational.

Ability as a Zoid Pilot[]

Rebecca's skill is largely untested, as she tends to use surprise to her advantage, rarely fighting anyone head-on. When she does fight, she is usually swiftly defeated, but considering that her Zoid is not a Fuzor (although it can transform), and is lightly armed, this is not a very useful way to gauge her skill.


She is seen as a passionate supporter and admirer of Alpha and is willing to put herself in harms way to support him. She also has an "alter ego", which she dons when she infiltrates the resistance group. Here, she is very flirtatious and helpful, and although this is a front, it, if nothing else, shows that she is good at falsifying her emotions.


Like ever other character, Rebecca has her own unique relationships.

Alpha Richter: Incredibly loyal, and very close to Alpha, Rebecca obviously has some kind of close relationship with him. What this is, is never revealed.

RD: When infiltrating the resistance group, she is incredibly flirtatious with RD, but this is nothing more than a front used to get him to trust her.

Luke: Rebecca is the one who mind-controls Luke. She uses her Dimetroptera in its flying mode to manipulate him, which enrages Blake.


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